How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times May 11 1997

'All the Way' lyricist Sammy CAHN
'My People' author EBAN
'South Pacific' nurse NELLIE
'The game ain't over till it's over' speaker BERRA
'___ go bragh' ERIN
'___ Johnny!' HERES
1960 #1 hit '___ Angel' TEEN
1980 Oscar winner TIMOTHYHUTTON
1986 P.G.A. Championship winner BOBTWAY
Accommodates OBLIGES
Alvarado of 'Little Women,' 1994 TRINI
Aramis, to Athos AMI
Arrive at, as a solution HITON
Bachelor's last words IDO
Balder and Odin GODS
Big circus name WALLENDA
Bit of earthenware CROCK
Boggy land FEN
Brings in GROSSES
British mil. decoration DSO
Bunk ROT
Candy counter name REESE
Chill NIP
Classify LABEL
Contest in 'Ivanhoe' TILT
Cowboy affirmatives YEPS
Crescent features CUSPS
Crossed MET
Cry of Caesar ETTU
Dallas-to-San Antonio dir. SSW
Deepest lake in the continental U.S. TAHOE
Deficiency MINUS
Dramatist Lope de ___ VEGA
Drawer oddments? SOCKS
Eliot hero BEDE
Escalator feature TREAD
Essential KEY
Fairy tale creature ELF
Feet containers YARDS.
First name on 'Saturday Night Live' LORNE
First U.S. college to award degrees to women OBERLIN
Flu feature AGUE
Gunn of 'Treasure Island' BEN
Hindus' holy river GANGES
Hood's rod GAT
Hope-Crosby film destination BALI
Indian prince RANA
Insults SLURS
It might make a report for a construction crew DYNAMITESTICK
It's the law EDICT
Kind of acid OLEIC
Knicks great Monroe EARL
Like a streaker BARE
Like some stories TALL
Like some stoves SETIN
Like Watergate-era Washington FULLOFLEAKS
London park name HYDE
Lunch counter order BLT
Lunch time, maybe ONE
M. Hulot's creator TATI
Mad one of fiction HATTER
Maker of the Grand Canyon, in myth BUNYAN
Makes available LINESUP
Mark of uncertainty ERASURE
Milne creature KANGA
More crushed SADDER
More like Mrs. Rumpole of books and TV BOSSIER
Mother-of-pearl source ABALONE
Museum guides DOCENTS
Neighbor of Arg. URU
New York's ___ Lakes SARANAC
Not solid MIRY
One in an incubator NEONATE
Painted Desert features MESAS
Paisleys, e.g. PATTERNS
Passing remarks? AYES
Pedal parts INSTEPS
Perkins's killer role BATES
Personification of peace, in myth IRENE
Prefix with duct or form OVI
Prevarication ACTOFLYING
Primatologists' subjects APES
Problem for a lawn mower STONE
Reads the riot act to REPROACHES
Red ___ (sushi order) TAI
Requiring a tie DRESSY
Richards of 'Jurassic Park' ARIANA
Rumbled, in a way SNORED
Sailor's top MIDDYBLOUSE
Santa ___, California track ANITA
Santo Domingo-born All-Star ALOU
Scarlett's mother ELLEN
Senate sounds YEAS
Shoreline feature INLET
Some are deciduous TEETH
Sondheim's '___ While I'm Around' NOT
Special-care job at the cleaner's SUEDE
Spots ADS
St. Francis ___ (French prelate) DESALES
St. Paul's architect WREN
Storage area ATTIC
Strikes out FANS
Tax ___ LIEN
Tell el ___, Nile excavation site AMARNA
They blow with the wind VANES
They may be felt on the head PORKPIES
They, in Toulon ILS
Three-time Pulitzer-winning playwright EDWARDALBEE
Time past YORE
Tiny one of fiction TIM
Tolkien forest giant ENT
Tombstone letters RIP
Touch up EDIT
U.S.S.R., today CIS
Uffizi attraction ARTE
Upright ONEND
Valley crosser TRESTLE
View from Chamonix ALPES
Was quiescent SLEPT
Waterfall SAULT
Weir DAM
Whaler's org. NHL
What vines do ENTWINE
Where Diana Vreeland reigned VOGUE
Whistle-blower ACCUSER
Word to a boxer, maybe SIT
Word with park or plan GAME
Writer Santha Rama ___ RAU
___ Detoo, 'Star Wars' android ARTOO
___ Na Na of rock SHA
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