How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 31 2003

'As my final point ...' LASTLY
'Hey there!' PSST
'Spare the ___, spoil ...' ROD
'That ___ hay!' AINT
'Wheel of Fortune' buys AEIOU
'___ Mio' OSOLE
10 million of them equal a joule ERGS
34-Down for a bookkeeper? RUBBERPENCIL
34-Down for a dentist? EXPLODINGGUM
34-Down for a florist? SQUIRTROSE
34-Down for a politician? HANDBUZZER
34-Down for a stenographer? DISAPPEARINGINK
4:00 socials TEAS
Additions SUMS
Angry, and not going to take it anymore FEDUP
Bank acct. amt. INT
Baseball's Mel OTT
Burn slightly SINGE
Card above a deuce TREY
Cherry red CERISE
Claim AVER
Color of sand TAN
Color of water AQUA
Cop's collar PERP
Cutlass or Delta 88 OLDS
D.D.E.'s predecessor HST
Dale Earnhardt org. NASCAR
Downsizer AXER
Excessive UNDUE
Fabricate, as a signature FORGE
Farm-related: Prefix AGRI
Gave, as an Rx DOSED
Girl at a ball DEB
Govt. cultural org. USIA
Gutter locale EAVE
Hauler's destination DUMP
His's partner HERS
Hobbits' home, with 'The' SHIRE
Jacket buildup LINT
Japanese beer named for a city OTARU
Knifelike SHARP
Lennon bandmate STARR
Like sides of pyramids TRIANGULAR
Moist, as the air MISTY
Monopoly quartet: Abbr. RRS
Nonagenarian's age NINETY
Norse war god ODIN
Not quite jumbo LARGE
On land ASHORE
Oxen holder YOKE
Part of Miss America's attire SASH
Pre-April 1 purchase GAG
Prefix with sex UNI
Put on board LADE
Removes paint, in a way SANDBLASTS
Roman 152 CLII
Sailor's rum drink GROG
San Diego baseballer PADRE
Shakespeare's Forest of ___ ARDEN
Shoelace end AGLET
Speechify ORATE
Suspenseful TAUT
Syrian president Bashar al-___ ASSAD
Theda of the silents BARA
Together ASONE
VCR insert TAPE
Visionaries SEERS
Wanting NEEDY
Watch rims BEZELS
When shadows are short NOON
When tripled, et cetera BLAH
Who preceded Adam and Eve on earth NOONE
___ de Janeiro RIO
___ Lingus AER
___ Louise of 'Gilligan's Island' TINA
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