How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Mar 09 1999

'Holy smokes!' EGADS
'No' vote from a horse? NEIGH
'Praise be to ___!' GOD
'Terrible' czar IVAN
'What's your sign?,' for example? PARTYLINE
'___ Rock' (Simon & Garfunkel hit) IAMA
66, e.g.: Abbr. RTE
Address part STREET
Back-to-work time: Abbr. MON
Basketball strategy FASTBREAK
Beheaded Boleyn ANNE
Blue birds JAYS
Blvd. AVE
Booze for a 50's bash? HOPSCOTCH
Cafeteria carrier TRAY
Critique of an all-night teen dance? RAVEREVIEW
Delaney of 'N.Y.P.D. Blue' KIM
Delivery vehicle VAN
Division word INTO
Dolphins' home MIAMI
Egyptian cobras ASPS
Enjoyed home cooking ATEIN
Eskimo home IGLOO
Estrada of 'CHiPs' ERIK
Fraternity man GREEK
Friendly, reliable sort GOODEGG
Funky musical genre, for short RANDB
Gads about ROAMS
Hells Canyon state IDAHO
Internal combustion device GASENGINE
Italian cabbage? LIRE
Jack who ate no fat SPRAT
Julie in 'Doctor Zhivago' LARA
Kilmer of 'At First Sight' VAL
Leader of Islam ALLAH
Lender's claim LIEN
LuPone or LaBelle PATTI
MacLeod of 'The Love Boat' GAVIN
Miss America's prize TIARA
Modus operandi WAY
Musician at a dance? BALLPLAYER
Needlefish GAR
Norse bolt maker THOR
Opening amount ANTE
Parson's home MANSE
Peeked (at) GLANCED
Peruvian native INCA
Publicity person AGENT
Relay segments LEGS
Rock singer ___ Bon Jovi JON
Sault ___ Marie STE
Secluded valleys GLENS
Shade of blond ASH
Shoe part that may pinch TOE
Shows signs of boredom YAWNS
Singing Mama CASS
Sitcom set in Korea MASH
Smoked Italian cheese PROVOLONE
Spring feature COIL
Sun-shaped SPHERICAL
Superman's alter ego KENT
Symbols of stubbornness MULES
The hunted PREY
The Scales LIBRA
Time of anticipation EVE
Treat badly ILLUSE
Undoing an act REPEALING
Unduly severe HARSH
Vitamin bottle info RDA
Washington wheeler-dealer POL
Weary workers' exclamation TGIF
Went airborne briefly LEAPT
Whichever ANY
___ brisk pace ATA
___ d'oeuvre HORS
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