How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 29 1997

'Designing Women' co-star POTTS
'Phooey!' DRAT
'Siddhartha' author HESSE
'___ old cowhand...' IMAN
1978 Oscar-winning prison documentary SCAREDSTRAIGHT
1980 Neil Diamond hit LOVEONTHEROCKS.
About ASTO
Alexander, formerly of '60 Minutes' SHANA
Argentine dance TANGO
Baltimore bird ORIOLE
Barker and Kettle, e.g. MAS
Basketball's Archibald NATE
Bassett of 'Waiting to Exhale' ANGELA
Bewildered ATSEA
Big insurance carrier AETNA
Bruised item EGO
Change for a ten ONES
Cheery tune LILT
Constrictor BOA
Copper CENT
Creature caught only by a virgin maiden UNICORN
D'Amato or Dodd: Abbr. SEN
Fast feline PUMA
Flynn of film ERROL
Formerly NEE
Fraternity ___ HOUSE
Free ticket COMP
Go-between EMISSARY
Hurry RUSH
Injure MAIM
June honoree DAD
Kind of curve, in math SINE
Kind of rain ACID
Kind of stock: Abbr. OTC
Lincoln Center subject ARTS
Liqueur flavoring ANISEED
Litigator Belli MELVIN
Living room piece SETTEE
Lupino and others IDAS
Masons, coopers and the like ARTISANS
Memo starter INRE
Monastery figure FRIAR
N.J.'s Whitman, e.g. GOV
Neighborhood AREA
Newts EFTS
Nickname TAG
Not go straight TURN
Pessimist's comments BAHS
Physicist Georg OHM
Pitcher part EAR
Pre-Revolution leaders TSARS
Prefix with -gramme AERO
Product of Bethlehem STEEL
Put on STAGE
Rancher's rope LASSO
Rendezvous MEET
Saudi neighbor OMANI
Secret competitor ARRIDEXTRADRY.
Snake oil salesman HUCKSTER
Solo in Berlioz's 'Harold in Italy' VIOLA
Sunrise direction, in Sonora ESTE
Tacks on ADDS
Telemarketer CALLER
Throw off SHED
Toast topping PATE
Trucker's choice GEAR
Warm up, as leftovers REHEAT
Watercress unit SPRIG
Wings ALAE
Words of understanding ISEE
Yalie ELI
___-car RENTA
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