How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 15 1998

'2001' computer HAL
'Get clean' program REHAB
'The Divine Comedy' poet DANTE
Ancient Palestinian ESSENE
Ancient Rome's ___ Way APPIAN
Animated character TOON
Be an A-one scout? KNOWTALENT
Belated TARDY
Bomb sound KABOOM
Clara, e.g., on 'Bewitched' AUNT
Classic gas brand ESSO
Clever seamstresses? KNITWITS
Do, so to speak APE
Doles (out) METES
Dr.'s org. AMA
E.R. helps EKGS
Egyptian boy king TUT
Fastener SNAP
Feature of many letters SERIF
Fencing action LUNGE
Flock members EWES
Grayish-tan BEIGE
Grp. concerned with genealogy DAR
Gymnast's goal TEN
Harrow's rival ETON
Household pest REDANT
How most goods must be ordered by mail: Abbr. PPD
Ingrid's role in 'Casablanca' ILSA
It does blowups TNT
Ivan and Nicholas TSARS
Kind of shock STICKER
Latish lunchtime ONE
Like April weather WET
Lingerie material SILK
Linguini, for instance PASTA
Macbeth, for one THANE
Map features INSETS
Milk dispenser COW
Mirage, maybe OASIS
Monthly check RENT
Nabisco treat OREO
Nancy Drew's boyfriend NED
Not like April weather DRY
Nymph loved by Apollo DAPHNE
Office messages POSTITS
Ohio, e.g. STATE
Parisian possessive MES
Patrick Ewing and Walt Frazier? KNICKNAMES
Penpoints NIBS
Perón of Argentina EVA
Picks up DETECTS
Resident of St. Mary's NUN
Rope-tying exhibition? KNOTFAIR
Saharan ARID
Schlepp TREK
Some guitars BASSES
Spain's Princess ___ ELENA
Stamp apparatus INKER
Submachine gun STEN
Subtlety NUANCE
Taken for granted GIVEN
Tempe sch. ASU
Tom Jones's love, in 'Tom Jones' SOPHIA
Toured Great Britain extensively? KNEWENGLAND
Type ILK
What turns 19 into 21? DEUCE
When Thanksgiving is celebrated in Can. OCT
Wickerwork twig OSIER
Word on all U.S. coins GOD
___ Benedict EGGS
___ David CAMP
___ empty stomach ONAN
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