How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jul 14 2013

#2s, e.g PENCILS
'Cómo ___?' ESTAS
'No bid' IPASS
'Not a peep!' ZIPIT
'Old ___' YELLER
'That's nuthin'!' PFFT
Add-on features FRILLS
Admonishment to a puppy BAD
Ancient Greek coins OBOLS
Announcer Hall EDD
Arizona sights MESAS
Astronomical distances: Abbr LTYRS
Australian beer brand FOSTERS
Automaker since 1974 KIA
Baptism, e.g SACRAMENT
Bar selections RYES
Bead maker? PORE
Big picture: Abbr ENL
Big, in ads MEGA
Bit of corporate attire POWERTIE
Bolognese bride SPOSA
Bottle unit LITER
Briefing spot PRESSROOM
Bully's coercive comeback SAYSME
Buttonhole, e.g SLIT
Certain SOME
Certain bank deposits ORES
Certain lap dogs, informally POMS
Church section APSE
City south of West Palm BOCA
Con target SAP
Confab CHAT
Constellation next to Taurus ORION
Convinced SOLD
Corp. V.I.P.'s MGRS
Danish bread KRONER
Designer Mizrahi ISAAC
Director Lee ANG
Disavow DENY
Draft status ONEA
En ___ MASSE
Eventually ONEDAY
Faunus's Greek counterpart PAN
Feudal figures SERFS
French film award CESAR
Fully blacken INKIN
Gets around AVOIDS
Give for free, slangily COMP
Glowing ASHINE
Gospel singer Winans CECE
Half-kiss? ESSES
Hanging piece NOOSE
Hardly parade-worthy, say UNHEROIC
Head across the Atlantic LOO
Heckle or Jeckle of cartoons MAGPIE
High-risk investments PENNYSTOCKS
Holiday attraction at a mall SANTA
Horrifies DISMAYS
Inaugurated SWORNIN
Instruments played with mallets MARIMBAS
Investing in a growth company GOINGLONG
It appears at the top of a page URL
It should have no effect PLACEBO
It's a legal thing RES
Key business figure BOTTOMLCNE
Kids' outdoor game TBALL
Lacoste offering POLO
Lamblike MEEK
Lead-in to 88-Down NYMPHO
Like one trying to hit a piñata, often DIZZY
Like the right third of Ireland's flag ORANGE
Ltd., in Lille CIE
Melted Popsicle, e.g GOO
Money ... or a hint to how six crossings in this puzzle are to be represented, superimposing one letter over another DOLLARSANDCENTS
More swanky TONIER
Mrs. Capp and others FLOS
Musical with the song 'Summer Nights' GREASE
Norwegian P.M. Stoltenberg JENS
Not so smooth ROCKIER
Old man PAPA
One-third of Neapolitan ice cream: Abbr CHOC
Ones unlikely to write memoirs? AMNESIACS
Opera part ARIA
Ora pro ___ NOBIS
Painful boo-boo OWIE
Patient's liability COPAY
Pellet propeller BBGUN
Places for picks, informally FROS
Plays miniature golf PUTTS
Pronged, as an electrical plug MALE
Quotation sources, once TICKERTAPES
Radio station on TV WKRP
Request from a guest over an apartment intercom LETMEUP
Robert of 'The Sopranos' ILER
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees from Texas ZZTOP
See 62-Down CLCFF
See 77-Down PARIS
Ship's keel, e.g BEAM
Shocked AGHAST
Shoulder bone SCAPULA
Small role in 'Austin Powers' movies MINIME
Social level CASTE
Some liquid assets CAIHONHAND
Somewhat ABIT
Song classic '___ to Be Unhappy' GLAD
Source of the line 'Thy money perish with thee' ACTS
South of 79-Down? SUD
Spot on a demand curve PRCCEPOINT
Sprint, e.g TELECOM
Squirts TYKES
Stoker who created Dracula BRAM
Texans are part of it, in brief NFL
The shortest one has only two verses PSALM
Ticket to the World Series PENNANT
Ticks off FROSTS
Trying to pull a fast one SNEAKY
Ukr., e.g., once SSR
Unionize? MARRY
University town named after a Penobscot chief ORONO
Unrecoverable investment expenses SUNKCOSTS
Vardalos of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' NIA
Warhol's specialty POPART
What best friends keep SECRETS
Wilson of 'The Internship' OWEN
Winter stash, of a sort ACORNS
With 58-Down, financial topic of 2012-13 FSSCAL
Without SANS
Without a contract ONSPEC
Womb, jocularly OVEN
Yiddish laments OYS
[As written] SIC
___ alike NOTWO
___ moons MANY
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