How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 31 1999

'An American in Paris' co-star, 1951 CARON
'And this is the thanks ___?' IGET
'Butterfield 8' author OHARA
'Miró, Miró, on the wall,' e.g. PUN
'No problem here' OKBYME
'Rah!' OLE
'The Joy of Cooking' writer Rombauer IRMA
'You have to see this!' OHLOOK
'___ moment' INA
1941 #1 Sammy Kaye hit DADDY
1958 movie chiller, with 'The' BLOB
1993 Super Bowl M.V.P. AIKMAN
2000 Olympics site SYDNEY
A question of timing WHEN
Abide a W.W. II general? STANDPATTON
Across-the-board BROAD
Annual TV event, with 'the' OSCARS
Aqueous WET
Ax politely EASEOUT
Bacon servings RASHERS
Big bang maker TNT
Blink of an eye SEC
Bow (to) KOWTOW
Brie base SALTINE
Buyer, in a phrase EMPTOR
Calif. daily LATIMES
Campaign concern IMAGE
Carnegie Hall event RECITAL
Choral syllable TRA
Class of submarines ALFA
Coffee maker URN
Cold call? BRR
Color of the Seine BLEU
Confessional account of a sensational nature IDUNIT
Corp. magnates CEOS
Cross FORD
Denver Nuggets' orig. league ABA
Deviation YAW
Diplomat: Abbr. AMB
Dreadlocks sporter, for short RASTA
Dress (up) TOG
Empathize RELATE
Everywhere ALLAROUND
Excoriate FLAY
Faster's opposite EATER
Fathom GRASP
Fleece ROOK
Flies or gadflies PESTS
Flying ___ LEAP
Followed TAILED.
Followed TAILED
Give top honors in New Jersey? CROWNPRINCETON
Go flat? LIE
Gold count KARATS
Government issue TNOTE
Have ___ of (display) ANAIR
Holds one's interest ENGAGES
Inclined ATILT
Indo-European speaker ARYAN
Introverts LONERS
Is worthwhile PAYS
It comes with sections ORANGE
It doesn't get far from home BUNT
It has shoulders ROAD
It may block a compromise EGO
Its main street marks Last Chance Gulch HELENA
Juan-___-Pins (Riviera resort) LES
Just for laughs INFUN
Kind of shift LANE
Kindergarteners' art, e.g. DAUBINGS
King of 70's pop CAROLE
Launderer's challenge GREASE
Lazybones's declaration MANANA
Lemon-flavored, maybe TANGY
Like many classical aphorisms SENECAN
Like movies RATED
Liqueur brand DRAMBUIE
Lord's attendant ANGEL
Mark of a ruler ONEINCH
Measles mark BLOTCH
Motor attachment? OLA
Naval letters USS
Naval position GUNNER
Nothing at all NIL
Nuzzles or nozzles NOSES
Old magazine billed as 'America's Aviation Weekly' AERO
Old-style revolutionary ANARCH
One way to pitch OVERARM
Our church's blond caretaker? THEFAIRSEXTON
Pants problems ANTS
Particular ITEM
Pass along greetings SAYHEY
Patronizes SHOPSAT
Penta plus three OCTA
Pin spots? LAPELS
Pored over READ
Public transport TRAM
Pullovers POLOS
Purim honoree ESTHER
Research types SCHOLARS
Sapporo sash OBI
Sch. meeting room AUD
Scotsman's nickname SANDY
See 17-Down GLASS
See 42-Down GUEVARA
Singer Coolidge RITA
Small intake SIP
Solderer's activity FUSING
Sports trophy since 1927 RYDERCUP
Standard varieties OILS
State of the union UTAH
Storage spot for a midget? MINIATURECARTON
Take the algae out for a stroll? WALKTHEPLANKTON
Takes in ABSORBS
Team components OXEN
Trading partner of ancient Tyre ADEN
Twinkle-toed AGILE
Upset and then some INARAGE
Vandalize part of Ohio? TRASHCANTON
Verdi's Alfredo Germont, e.g. TENOR
Weight lifter CRANE
What tots are taught ABCS
Whom King David sent to be killed in battle URIAH
With 14-Across, certain crystal STEUBEN
With 83-Down, 'new socialist man' advocate CHE
___ point (never) ATNO
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