How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 29 2018

'Galveston' singer Campbell glen
'Scram!' vamoose
'This ___ test' isa
'Trainspotting' actor McGregor ewan
'Ye olde' place to browse shoppe
'You betcha!' yep
*'Crazy to run into you here!' smallworld
*Contest for an areawide seat atlargerace
*Newspapers or magazines printmedium
*Nonsense mumbojumbo
1940s-'50s jazz bop
Age reached by a septuagenarian seventy
Amin exiled from Uganda idi
And others, in a bibliography etalii
Angel's band of light halo
Arctic abode igloo
Asian yogurt drink lassi
Ballerina's bend plie
Blue or hazel eye part iris
Brit. resource for writers oed
Building annexes ells
Building lot site
Controversial chemical in plastics, for short bpa
Cunning sly
Deficiency in red blood cells anemia
Den lair
Dessert topper from a can reddiwip
Diminish the work force ... or a literal hint to the answers to the four starred clues downsize
Drop running down the cheek tear
Erie Canal mule of song sal
Estrange alienate
Farrow in films mia
Fighting force army
Fire dept. responder, maybe emt
Fish with a heavy net trawl
Form of some shampoo gel
Gave a hand dealt
German cars with a lightning bolt logo opels
Goopy roofing material tar
Govern rule
Hedy in Hollywood lamarr
High U.S. Navy rank admiral
Inauguration Day vows oaths
Like early LPs mono
Long-winded sales pitch spiel
One circulating at a party mingler
Online source for health info webmd
Org. for Penguins and Ducks nhl
Particle with a charge ion
Pipe part stem
Poet ___ St. Vincent Millay edna
Post-O.R. area icu
Praises highly extols
Raises ups
Response to an online joke lol
Rise quickly soar
Sardine container tin
Scanned lines on a pkg upc
Scoundrels cads
Scuttlebutt gossip
Searched thoroughly, with 'through' combed
Ship-related nautical
Sleepover attire, informally pjs
Slob's creation mess
Spill the beans tellall
Spurt forcefully spew
Stick in the microwave zap
Students' simulation of global diplomacy, informally modelun
Take a stab at attempt
Taken a dip swum
The 'P' of PRNDL park
Thief robber
Twisty curves esses
U.S. fort with very tight security knox
Up to, as a particular time til
Vice president Spiro agnew
Wintry coating snow
___ Fridays (restaurant chain) tgi
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