How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 28 2018

'Angel dust' pcp
'Bali ___' hai
'Bon' time soir
'Je t'___' aime
'Mon ___' (words of endearment) amour
'Positively Entertaining' cable network ion
'Spamalot' writer ericidle
'That's the truth!' nolie
'___ Gang' our
'___ I' ('Same here') sodo
'___ Poetica' ars
'___ Revere, Engineer' (best-selling 2013 children's book) rosie
007 gets fired ... AND LANDS A JOB AS A SCOTTISH TAILOR! licencetokilt
2008 Israeli political biography golda
Apple buy-product? ipad
Appropriate usurp
Assessed eyedup
Astronomical event nova
Auto safety feature to prevent skidding, for short abs
Backtalk? echo
Balkan capital sofia
Beverage called a 'tonic' in Boston pop
Big dipper ladle
Bitcoin, e.g ecash
Blue sad
Bog monster emerges ... WITH A NEW LINE OF SNACK CRACKERS! swampthins
Bounded leapt
Brand of tools skil
Bullets, in cards aces
Burger topper bacon
Bussing on a bus, for short? pda
Cabby saves prostitute ... WITH HIS BLATHERING! taxidrivel
Carpentry rod dowel
Casualty of a crash? dataloss
Chap gets life lessons from kid ... WHO'S REALLY AN ANDROID! aboutabot
Cite referto
Color changer dye
Composer known for mood music eno
Concern of an orthopedic M.D acl
Covert missions blackops
Dentist's directive open
Destined (to be) born
Drained emptied
Energetic peppy
Enya's land erin
Facial expression often accompanied by 'Heh, heh, heh' sneer
Father of Paris, in myth priam
Fifth sign leo
First 'America's Funniest Home Videos' host saget
Flick pic
Floor awe
Florida city, informally boca
Force on earth, in brief oneg
Friends gather for a funeral ... AND COOK UP AN ENORMOUS STEW! thebigchili
G.P.'s grp ama
Gift on a string lei
Glamorous Gardner ava
Goes (for) opts
Goldfish, e.g carp
Goodies in a goody bag swag
Gran Torino, e.g musclecar
Great time era
Greeting on Maui aloha
Grp. with the motto 'Until every one comes home' uso
Guy makes a new best friend ... WHO TURNS OUT TO BE A COMMUNIST! iloveyoumao
High mark in Spanish class? tilde
Hindu honorific sri
Howls bays
Immigrant's class, in brief esl
In song, Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt's first name john
Inclines tends
Kind of knot gordian
Kind of shot flu
Labatt, for one brewery
Lacking pizazz drab
Le Pew of Looney Tunes pepe
Letters on a video surveillance screen cctv
Light, catchy tunes earcandy
Lively tune rag
Makeshift ghost costume sheet
Man, for one isle
Miner's find vein
Mix and match? speeddate
Mountaineer's tool iceaxe
Object of veneration by ancient Egyptians asp
Olympics unit meter
One side in college football's 'Big Game' cal
One side of a ledger assets
One who's passed the bar: Abbr att
One with a role to play actor
Org. that's found by accident? osha
Out early paroled
Parent's scolding behave
Part of a score, maybe aria
Part of T.G.I.F its
Piece of chicken thigh
Pimp launches career in rap ... BUT HAS AN EPIC FAIL! hustleandflop
Pink-slip can
Playing ___ dead
Position sought by some M.B.A.s ceo
Praised lauded
Recipe amts tsps
Relatives of Tonys obies
Relax, with 'out' veg
Relinquish cede
Retired pool shark returns ... TO WIN FRENCH IMPRESSIONIST PAINTING! thecolorofmonet
Says further adds
Select tap
Shakespearean king oberon
Shoves (in) crams
Sidestep avert
Singer Sands evie
Skynet's T-800's, e.g terminators
Slops swills
Small house in the Southwest casita
Sneaked a peek glanced
Sole part arch
Some afew
Something coming off the shelf? berg
Spiner of 'Star Trek: T.N.G.' brent
Sum up recap
Swarm mob
Sworn statement ido
Symbolic bird in 'On Golden Pond' loon
Symbols on Irish euro coins celticharps
T-shirt choices, briefly sml
Tracker's clue scat
Trendy smoothie ingredient kale
Tropicana products, for short ojs
Two plus two equaling five, e.g synergy
Utopias edens
Video intrusions ads
Wading birds avocets
Wallops pastes
Warring atit
West Coast officers track wisecracking detective ... TO A BOVINE! beverlyhillscow
What drones lack pilots
___ Equis (Mexican beer) dos
___ Gay (W.W. II plane) enola
___ Scott dred
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