How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 28 2004

'Nolo,' for instance PLEA
'The King and I' co-star KERR
'___ never work!' ITLL
1992 Heisman winner ___ Torretta GINO
1995 trial name ITO
50+ org. AARP
A hound may pick it up ODOR
Actress Witherspoon REESE
Basilica part APSE
Benefit AVAIL
Boarders TENANTS
Bolshoi rival KIROV
Bulldoze RAZE
Bullion unit INGOT
Charon crossed it STYX
Clean Air Act target SMOG
Commercial suffix with Rock OLA
Conduit bends ELLS
Constriction of the pupil MIOSIS
Crop up ARISE
Cruising ATSEA
E.R. workers DRS
Electrical glitch VOLTAGESPIKE
Ellipsis part DOT
Enjoy, with 'up' EAT
Event advertised in the classifieds GARAGESALE
Far from cordial ALOOF
Fighters at Lexington MILITIA
First A.F.L.-C.I.O. president MEANY
Fits together NESTS
Ford or Chevrolet MAKE
Gift that's hung around the neck LEI
Go-___ KART
Guitar great Paul LES
Hard to pin down EVASIVE
Helter-___ SKELTER
In the altogether NUDE
It has a pocket MITT
Jungfrau is one ALP
Kind of toast MELBA
Like a fleabag SEEDY
Makes lace TATS
Marquee time NITE
Most off-tasting GAMIEST
Nebraska tribe OTOE
One of the Chipmunks ALVIN
One past due? TRE
Out of control AMOK
Part of Air France's fleet until 2003 SSTS
Parts of feet INSTEPS
Peepers EYES
Place to buy wine PACKAGESTORE
Reo contemporary ESSEX
Rich source LODE
Robin player of 1938 ERROL
Shaped like a fish stick OBLONG
Skunk River city AMES
Slippery ___ ELM
Soaps, e.g. SERIALS
Some meter readers GASMEN
Source of igneous rock MAGMA
Spark plug, e.g. IGNITER
Spenser's 'The ___ Queene' FAERIE
Sportscasting position ANALYST
Stumpers? ORATORS
Tel ___ AVIV
Tent holders PEGS
Time appropriate for 17-, 26- and 44-Across? MIDDLEAGES
Time piece? ESSAY
Unbroken ENTIRE
Waffle House alternative IHOP
Web mags EZINES
Will Rogers and others HUMORISTS
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