How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 26 2018

'Blue' or 'bearded' bird tit
'The Yankee Years' memoirist torre
'___ said ...' itis
Act without originality coverband
Actress Tia of 'Wayne's World' carrere
Areas locales
Atom with an electronic imbalance anion
Audit, as a class sitinon
Backstabber snake
Building block makeup cinder
Bulgaria's Simeon I and Simeon II tsars
Bury inter
Ceiling cap
Certainty lock
Common suffix for 7-Downs ide
Cozy curl-up spots firesides
Dead inanimate
Deviation aberrance
Devices that introduced the click wheel ipods
Diner order that gets filled? omelet
Drifter hobo
Essential vital
First U.S. team to win the N.H.L. Stanley Cup nyrangers
From that point on eversince
G in jazz kenny
Get back together reune
Golfer's collection irons
Has hold of possesses
Home of the first known pizza parlor naples
How buzzkills end things onadowner
Jr.'s son iii
Kamehameha Day observers hawaiians
Life instinct, in psychology eros
Little buddy kiddo
Many workers in Japan's Lake Hamana eelers
Mexican sandwich torta
Niche form of architecture? apse
Norwegian king until 1000 olavi
Not just in one's head, say aloud
Noted mansion man, for short hef
Numismatist's collection rarecoins
One spreading seed sower
One-named singer with the 2007 #1 hit 'Don't Matter' akon
One-named singer with the 2013 #1 hit 'Royals' lorde
Ones who know the way? taoists
Refer (to) allude
Reverses course makesauturn
Sharp-looking footwear? stilettos
Simplifies eases
Skedaddled split
Skimpy swimwear speedos
Sloppy planting job? wetkiss
Sobriquet for filmdom's Daniel LaRusso, with 'The' karatekid
Some polygamous figures sisterwives
Some undergrad degs bas
Something that people wish you would take when you leave care
Source of embarrassment for some public officials wikileaks
Sticking points prongs
Stud poker variation, informally hilo
Students with 300 and 400 classes: Abbr srs
They have hops ales
Underdog victory upset
Ursine sci-fi creature ewok
Verbal outpouring, in slang wordvomit
Write a think piece, say opine
___ al Ghul (Batman foe) talia
___ Mosby, main role on 'How I Met Your Mother' ted
___ sample dna
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