How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 11 2019

#2 on Rolling Stone's '100 Greatest Guitar Songs of All Time' purplehaze
'Exit full screen' button esc
'I'm with ___' her
'Sick, dude!' rad
'The way I see it ...' tome
'There is no literature and art without ___': Thomas Pynchon paranoia
23andMe service dnatest
About inre
Acted omnipotent playedgod
Acting as qua
Afraid of getting shot camerashy
Aloof distant
Big brass tuba
Bit of percussion gong
Black-tie dressy
Breather respite
Brilliantly colored gemstone fireopal
Card holding? bat
Cartoon pal of the monkey Boots dora
Cause of irritation peeve
Character in 'All's Well That Ends Well' and 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' apostrophe
Checker of vitals, for short emt
Cheer for rooton
Clearheaded sober
Company that makes Coffee-mate nestle
Contents of some childproof containers, for short meds
Creature with a 17-month gestation period orca
Crime boss capo
Curdle clot
Dirty or daily follower dozen
Drew attention to spotlit
Effuse gush
Eject toss
Film ___ noir
Financially O.K afloat
Folksy homespun
It gets typed input
Keep in check curb
Kyoto cash yen
Layer of dark green eggs emu
Like Chianti red
Like some Olympic races swum
Many an aspiring exec, academically mbastudent
Many P.S.A.T. takers, for short sophs
Music style associated with George Clinton, informally pfunk
NASA's InSight probe, for one marslander
One quick to pass judgment snob
Org. that rings a bell nyse
Pioneer in hydrostatics archimedes
Planted sown
Product from Fender amp
Prom coif updo
Public house options ales
Put on lade
Rapidly cooled, as metal quenched
Scattering of things dispersion
Send a bunch of messages to, say spam
Skedaddle scoot
Slanted writing opedcolumn
Sob stories talesofwoe
Something shared by churchgoers pew
Something you shouldn't do around Christmas peek
Something you shouldn't do around Christmas pout
Stereotypical teller of a groan-worthy joke dad
Supports for some athletes sportsbras
Take off shed
That's a wrap! boa
Theoretically, but not actually innameonly
Viking king of note olav
Works toward one's passion? odes
Young 'un tot
___ Lady (Virgin Mary's title) our
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