How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 07 2002

'2001' computer HAL
'Star Wars' princess LEIA
'The Divine Comedy' poet DANTE
'The Joy Luck Club' writer AMYTAN
'Tickle Me' doll ELMO
'Tomorrow' musical ANNIE
1966 Beach Boys hit WOULDNTITBENICE
1998 Winter Olympics site NAGANO
Actor Hawke ETHAN
Adhesive PASTE
Auctioneer's final word SOLD
Back of the neck NAPE
Beef, e.g. REDMEAT
Blast from the past OLDIE
Buffalo's lake ERIE
Chinese restaurant drink HOTTEA
Class head PROF
Coffee order DECAF
Comment from a recipient of an extravagant gift YOUSHOULDNTHAVE
Continued WENTON
Derby hat BOWLER
Desires YENS
February 29 LEAPDAY
Fine sheet material SATIN
Foreword INTRO
Fraternity letter ETA
Gangster's gun GAT
Giggle TEHEE
Golf bag item TEE
Hand lotion ingredient ALOE
Have in mind INTEND
Insurance seller AGENT
It might be cooked al dente PASTA
It'll knock you out ETHER
Lagoon surrounder ATOLL
Last word in the Pledge of Allegiance ALL
Legendary story MYTH
Lighter ___ air THAN
Long ago YORE
Longtime Dolphins coach Don SHULA
Luau souvenir LEI
Microscope part LENS
Moist in the morning DEWY
Morse code bits DASHES
Neon or freon GAS
New Rochelle college IONA
Part of S.R.O. ONLY
Pop singer Collins PHIL
Possible reply to 'Will you take out the trash?' YESDEAR
Pound sound YAP
Put down LAY
Radio host Don IMUS
Relies (upon) DEPENDS
Rope-a-dope boxer ALI
Ruhr Valley city ESSEN
Seek the affection of WOO
Sites for fights ARENAS
Sixth word in the Pledge of Allegiance FLAG
Speaker's platform DAIS
Spine-tingling EERIE
Steel ingredient IRON
Stratford's river AVON
Submarine detection systems SONARS
Take care of SEETO
Tells it like it isn't LIES
Thailand, once SIAM
Truth or ___ (slumber party game) DARE
Type size PICA
U.S./U.K. divider ATL
Understands GETSIT
Uninteresting DULL
Used a broom SWEPT
Was completely indifferent COULDNTCARELESS
Where Easy Street is? FATCITY
Women in habits NUNS
___ Kett of old comics ETTA
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