How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Jan 01 2008

'Don't ___' ASK
'Mamma Mia' group ABBA
'Maria ___' (Dorsey tune) ELENA
'Meet the Fockers' co-star, 2004 DENIRO
'The shoe ___ the other foot' ISON
'The World of Suzie ___' WONG
'What else?' AND
'___ Jury' (Spillane novel) ITHE
A choir may stand on it RISER
A couple of chips, maybe ANTE
All gone, as dinner EATEN
Berkeley Breathed comic strip OPUS
Bit of air pollution ASH
Bobby Orr, notably BRUIN
Bring into harmony ATTUNE
Certain vanity plate for husband-and-wife cars HERS
Cleveland's lake ERIE
Colonial settlement TOWNE
Common employment benefit HEALTHINSURANCE
Common Seattle forecast RAIN
Daydreamer's state HEADINTHECLOUDS
Digit in binary code ONE
Directional suffix ERN
Edward who wrote the play 'The Goat, or Who Is Sylvia' ALBEE
Either of two directing brothers COEN
Enlarge a house ADDON
Fit snugly NEST
Florence's river ARNO
Good thing ASSET
Hamelin's problem RATS
Hard on the ears HARSH
Harley rider BIKER
Injury reminder SCAR
Intimidate DAUNT
Joseph Conrad novella HEARTOFDARKNESS
Kind of club that's a hint to this puzzle's theme FOURH
Letter-shaped opening for a bolt TSLOT
Lieutenant AIDE
Like Lincoln, in physique LANKY
Links bend DOGLEG
Mayberry boy OPIE
Men-only STAG
Money to help one through a tight spot LOAN
Participated temporarily, as with a band SATIN
Pastor's flock LAITY
Play chauffeur DRIVE
Police con STING
Prefix with -postale AERO
Prefix with lock or knock ANTI
Purchases for a shindig KEGS
Really hot under the collar IRATE
Rebellious Turner NAT
Relax, as rules LOOSEN
Reverse, on a PC UNDO
Ring outcome, briefly TKO
Room plus, in a hotel SUITE
S.A.S.E., e.g. ENC
Sailor, colloquially TAR
Sierra ___, Africa LEONE
Slaw or fries, e.g. SIDE
Station with a show AIRER
Stick of gum, e.g. CHEW
Straight: Prefix ORTH
Suffer from a charley horse ACHE
Superannuated OLD
Taken wing FLOWN
The blahs ENNUI
Transvaal trekker BOER
Uno + dos TRES
Vanilla ___ BEAN
Victuals FOOD
Vintage autos REOS
Vocational school instruction HANDSONTRAINING
Zig or zag VEER
___ 9000, sci-fi computer HAL
___ pants (multipocketed wear) CARGO
___ to mankind ABOON
___-cone SNO
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