How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 10 2019

'Atonement' author Ian mcewan
'Free ___' tibet
'Hey you!' psst
'I beg of you' please
'It was all ___' anact
'Jane the Virgin' actress Rodriguez gina
'The Garden of Earthly Delights' painter bosch
'The Marvelous Mrs. ___' (award-winning Amazon series) maisel
'You're on!' and others cues
*Albino orca, e.g realrarewhale
*Home of the world's only 14-lane suspension bridge uniquenewyork
*Part of a department store where people sit shoesection
*Result of a foul on a long basketball shot threefreethrows
*Timekeeper on the Emerald Isle irishwristwatch
*What a dairymaid does all day long sheseescheese
1984 Olympic gymnastics sensation retton
A sharps bflats
A, B or C, in Washington street
Aer Lingus destination eire
Ancient Greek state with Athens attica
Andrew Jackson's Tennessee home, with 'the' hermitage
App release update
Architect Mies van der ___ rohe
Assists in a way one shouldn't abets
Avant-garde edgy
Bandleader Shaw artie
Bargain-basement cutrate
Beyond that moreso
Big fan adorer
Bollywood instruments sitars
Book before Deut num
Box score inits rbi
Building direction, briefly spec
Catches up to ties
Certain intersection tee
Chaiken who co-created 'The L Word' ilene
Chops down hews
Cleverness smarts
Column in soccer standings draws
Complain carp
Confesses ownsup
Corolla part petal
Country singer Chesney kenny
Declare avow
Deli order sub
Diary passage entry
Does, as an animated character voices
Electrician's concern wiring
Expensive outing spree
Extend a hand to after a fall, say helpup
Family reunion attendee, informally coz
Father sire
Figurehead? cpa
Formerly, once erst
Good servers acers
Ham it up overact
Hard way to say the answers to the starred clues in this puzzle (good luck!) fivetimesfast
Having a frog in one's throat hoarse
He planned for a rainy day noah
High regard esteem
Hill and tunnel builder ant
Hobbes's favorite food in 'Calvin and Hobbes' tuna
James of jazz etta
Jewish month before Nisan adar
Kind of joke inside
Leading characters in 'Mad Max' ems
Legally confer, as a power vest
Less welcoming icier
Like the smell of some bread yeasty
Lilac color mauve
Listens attentively harks
London's Old ___ vic
Loopholes outs
Man Ray's genre dada
Matter in court res
Mess (with) futz
Not so hip squarer
Old barracks decorations pinups
On base, say safe
One getting the red-carpet treatment star
One of the B vitamins niacin
One taking inventory? looter
Opulent plush
Parabolas, essentially arcs
Part of a wedding 9-Across tier
Performances for Hawaii tourists hulas
Philadelphia art museum, with 'the' barnes
Picket line crosser scab
Pizazz elan
Places for toasters and roasters daises
Plane, e.g evener
Poi plants taros
Polite civil
Ponzi scheme, e.g scam
Popular jeans lees
Pretentious chichi
Printemps follower ete
Pub orders pints
Put an edge on hone
Reddish rufous
Sample taste
San ___, Calif simeon
Scottish caps tams
See 5-Across cake
See 92-Across lisa
Skedaddles scrams
Sled dog with a statue in Central Park balto
Somewhat abit
Source of a deferment in the 1960s draft rotc
Spanish direction este
Start of a classic Christmas poem twas
Start of Euripides' signature epsilon
Subjects of some New Year's resolutions badhabits
Syndicate cartel
Text message status sent
Text message status read
Tim ___, frequent collaborator with Adam Sandler herlihy
Time sheet units: Abbr hrs
Took off the board erased
Trophy winner champ
Underwater indebt
Wanna-___ bes
Was on the verge of collapse teetered
What 'btw' means also
What 'light' cigarettes are lower in tar
What a headache might feel like vise
When repeated, emergency cry to a fighter pilot eject
Where something annoying might be stuck craw
Wilbur's home in 'Charlotte's Web' sty
Willow twig osier
Wine orders carafes
Wine: Prefix oen
Wise-looking owlish
With 29-Across, source of a famous smile mona
Word after sock or bunny hop
Writer Stieg Larsson, e.g swede
Yamaha competitor kawasaki
___ Boston (noted hotel) taj
___ de leche dulce
___ Pueblo (World Heritage Site) taos
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