How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 08 2003

'That'd be fine' SURE
'Wings on My Feet' autobiographer SONJAHENIE
1978 cult film directed by David Lynch ERASERHEAD
Almost until NEARTO
Answers (for) ATONES
Big Easy team SAINTS
Bustle STIR
Casual denial NAH
Centers of learning in the Dark Ages ABBEYS
Christmas visitor, maybe INLAW
Conspicuous consumption? SLURPS
Derby projection BRIM
Diamondback reptile TERRAPIN
Disjointly APART
Entree whose ingredients may vary greatly OMELETTE
Exasperates IRKS
Expressions with colons RATIOS
Food processors STOMACHS
Free RID
Frequent collaborator with Miles Davis GILEVANS
Fund-raising grp. PAC
Goldsmith and others ARTISANS
Good laugh YUK
Grimm villain WOLF
Half of a 70's-80's pop duo OATES
Have too little UNDEREAT
High man ALTO
Hydros : England :: ___ : U.S. SPAS
Important papers THESES
It encourages mold growth DAMPNESS
It's hard-hitting FIST
It's sometimes called for HELP
Kind of affair EXTRAMARITAL
Lens used for close-ups MACRO
Like peanut gallery seats REARMOST
Mosque entranceway ARCH
Natural INNATE
New England town name that means 'peace' in Hebrew SALEM
Not beyond redemption EXPIABLE
One with a cover SPY
Org. with a caduceus logo AMA
Out of humor TESTY
Painstaking STUDIOUS
Percentage interest on a C.D., e.g. BANKRATE
Picker-upper? MAID
Pitched, say RESINY
Rather, slangily SORTA
Receive disdainfully SNEERAT
Repairman's offering ESTIMATE
Show angry excitement REARUP
Skinny DIRT
Slushy seller on 'The Simpsons' APU
Spanish constructions TORRES
Square EVEN
They're flexible GYMNASTS
Tlaloc, to the Aztecs RAINGOD
Tomoyuki ___, producer of 'Godzilla' TANAKA
Walking ___ ONAIR
What I might mean? ONE
Where 'Uncommon valor was a common virtue': Nimitz IWOJIMA
Widespread dissatisfaction UNREST
Woodwinds member OBOIST
___ League ARAB
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