How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Feb 02 2012

'Am ___ only one?' ITHE
'Elf' co-star, 2003 EDASNER
'La ___ du jeu' (1939 Renoir film) REGLE
'Pagliacci' clown TONIO
'___ tu' ERI
A goner TOAST
Accept eagerly, with 'up' LAP
Accustoms ORIENTS
Actor Wheaton WIL
Aphorism's middle TOKNOWTHEEXTENT
Arm raiser, informally DELT
Bad demonstrations RIOTS
Brings along TOWS
Browning piece SONNET
Call ___ (stop play after service) ALET
Candy used to be seen on it SCTV
Cheese city PARMA
Chicago's Saint ___ University XAVIER
Co-creator of 'The Flintstones' HANNA
Curse BANE
Dig it ORE
Draftable ONEA
Faulty: Prefix DYS
Fishermen with traps EELERS
Guinness superlative OLDEST
Hindu princess RANEE
Ingredient in traditional medicine ALOE
Joke follower LOL
Journalist Howell RAINES
Like a celestial body ORBED
Like the gang, in an old song ALLHERE
Man's name that's Latin for 'honey' MEL
Medgar ___ College EVERS
Memorable 2011 hurricane IRENE
Minuscule issues NITS
Mushroom stem STIPE
Music featured in 'A Clockwork Orange' BEETHOVENSNINTH
N.H.L.'s Laperriere IAN
Not being such a daredevil, say SANER
Not so great LESS
Number twos, for short VPS
Nursery rhyme vessel PAIL
On one's ___ OWN
One who's working out of pocket, informally? KLEPTO
Oscar Wilde poem 'By the ___' ARNO
Place for family portraits HALL
Place for many a hanging CLOSET
Prefix with -meter TACHO
Sights at Occupy protests TENTS
Single, e.g BASEHIT
Some galas SOIREES
Speed: Abbr VEL
Staggering AREEL
Start of a Confucian aphorism REALKNOWLEDGEIS
Start of an alphabet book AIS
Stores STOWS
Suffix with manager IAL
Terminals in a computer network NODES
Tick off IRE
Time out? SLEEP
Together, in Toulon UNIE
TV network that broadcast live from Opryland USA TNN
Two-time Oscar-winning cinematographer Nykvist SVEN
Uncertain LEERY
When doubled, Miss Piggy's white poodle FOO
Word with china or chop SHOP
Work assignments STINTS
___ fruit UGLI
___ jolie TRES
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