How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 15 2017

'Aw, man!' RATS
'Blithe Spirit' role ELVIRA
'Everybody Is ___' (1970 Sly & the Family Stone hit) ASTAR
'Great Scott!' HEAVENS
'The Last of the Mohicans' daughter CORA
'___ Conchos,' 1964 western RIO
Advice for touchy types LETITPASS
Anointed one in the Book of Samuel SAUL
Author François-___ de Chateaubriand RENE
Betel nut source ARECAPALM
Big name in scooters VESPA
Big time ERA
Block BAN
Blue-pencilers, for short EDS
Burning figure METABOLICRATE
Call it a day QUIT
Certain California wines NAPAS
Colleen LASS
Contracts HIRES
Corporate trademark that was inspired by an Ivy League mascot MGMLION
Designer Lagerfeld KARL
Dowel, e.g ROD
Establishment offering horses for hire LIVERY
Expired RANOUT
F note? SEEME
Fail to follow DEFY
Family-unfriendly fare SEXANDVIOLENCE
Fashion magazine fodder TRENDS
Game played on an 8x8 board REVERSI
Gets (by) EKES
Having ears cocked ALERT
Home to an 8-Down ERIN
It has a little bow at one end MODELSHIP
Jason of the Harry Potter films ISAACS
Laundry whitener, oddly enough BLUING
Like a good plot ARABLE
Like hotlines and poker bets CALLED
Mark Twain story that begins 'My father was a St. Bernard, my mother was a collie, but I am a Presbyterian' ADOGSTALE
May and others, for short PMS
Meal in an edible bowl TACOSALAD
N.L. East team: Abbr ATL
Occasion for a toast BANQUET
Old-time actress Irene DUNNE
One giving you a hand? DEALER
One's turn at the Olympics? AXEL
Ones starting up start-ups, say ENTREPRENEURS
Parlor piece SETTEE
Part of E.A.P ALLAN
Perfect ___ TEN
Plea at sea SOS
Put forward ASSERT
Reflective pair MIRRORSHADES
Rock moved by ice GLACIALDRIFT
Something with a stirring message? RECIPE
Start to practice? MAL
Sticky food? KEBABS
Symptom for a mechanic NOISE
Tahiti, par exemple ILE
Tailor's concern RISE
Take hold again, as a plant REROOT
Wanted poster inits AKA
What may be salted away for a special occasion? CUREDHAM
What pets usually lack LASTNAMES
Word whose meaning remains unchanged when an 's' is added to the front ELECT
___ Bo TAE
___ home RAM
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