How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Dec 12 1999

'Later' ADIOS
'___ bien' MUY
'___ time' ITS
'___ Was a Lady' (1932 song) EADIE
1954-77 alliance SEATO
1974 title role for Dustin Hoffman LENNY
1984 Jeff Bridges film STARMAN
A.A.A. suggestion RTE
Accommodations on an Italian ship? STATEROME
Army command ATEASE
As far as UPTO
At the tail CAUDAL
Athletic supporter? TEE
Atlas abbr. ISL
Barbie's maker MATTEL
Barton and Bow CLARAS
Baton Rouge sch. LSU
Big 12 team nickname AGGIES
Billiard table cloth BAIZE
Bob's cousin LUGE
Bowling game BOCCE
British blueblood EARL
Browning work? TAN
Bygone era YORE
Carnival locale RIO
Checked item COAT
Choral composition CANTATA
Chuck alternative CHAS
Closed in on NEARED
Cold draft BEER
Completely INTOTO
Cutesy add-on POO
Daily occurrence SUNRISE
Diploma word CUM
Distinguished GREAT
Do boring work REAM
Dress down BERATE
Dress fancily, with 'out' TOG
Dumfries denial NAE
E'erlasting ETERNE
Eagle org. BSA
Exile site of 1814 ELBA
Fail to mention OMIT
Feather bed? TAR
Fifties revival group SHANANA
Filled Indian pastry SAMOSA
Fugue feature STRETTO
Full of cattails REEDY
Full of wisdom SAPIENT
G.P.A. spoilers DEES
Go back to the drawing board REPLAN
Golden Horde member TATAR
Greatest possible MAXIMAL
Hardly unconcerned: Var. NOSEY
Highest point in Italy? NAPLESULTRA
Hit the road BEATIT
Instruments used by the Beatles SITARS
It's charged ION
Italian medical man? ASTIOPATH
Italian Thanksgiving serving? CRANBARISAUCE
Italy's leading auto manufacturer? GENOAMOTORS
Jack's inferior TEN
Job listings, e.g. ADS
Joined a conger line? EELED
K-12 grp. PTA
King of music CAROLE
Kitchen gadget GRATER
Lachrymal TEARING
Lake cabins, often RENTALS
Like Bach's 'Magnificat' IND
Like Iran's government before the Ayatollah SECULAR
Like some terminals: Abbr. POS
Lower in quality DEGRADE
Make fun of RAG
Make hard to read ENCODE
Make stout FATTEN
Midwest Indian SAC
Millinery HATS
N.B.A. Hall-of-Famer Holman NAT
Name in Cambodian history NOL
Neanderthal man, for one HOMINID
No particular place in Italy? ENNAWHEREATALL
North Sea feeder EMS
Number two wood BRASSIE
Object of devotion IDOL
Off the street GARAGED
Old Olds REO
Olive kin ASH
On the double APACE
One in numismatics UNUM
One of the L.A. Rams' Fearsome Foursome GRIER
One of the Simpsons LISA
Opening time, maybe NINE
Parks of civil rights fame ROSA
Parliament prize SEAT
Part of a joint TENON
Passionate INTENSE
Peter Jennings or Shania Twain, by birth ONTARIAN
Popeye's rival BLUTO
Pounce upon ASSAIL
Presided over CHAIRED
Scratch the surface of MAR
Sea off Sicily IONIAN
Shakespearean prince HAL
Shearer of 'The Red Shoes' MOIRA
Shoe specification EEE
Snappy comebacks RETORTS
Some sports score notations OTS
Sorry sinner PENITENT
Spruce NEAT
Squeaky, maybe UNOILED
Staff associate? ROD
Struck out DELED
Stuff SATE
Styx ferryman CHARON
Symbols of authority MANTLES
The Beatles inspired it MANIA
The gamut ATOZ
Thou GEE
Tom, to the piper SON
Top and bottom of an Italian room? FLORENCEILING
Truck stop entree HASH
Warhol works POPART
Wedding wear TUX
What an Italian wheeler-dealer wants? APISATHEACTION
When Georges burns ETE
Whiplike? SMART
With the mouth wide open GAPINGLY
Within reach ATHAND
Yemen, in biblical times SHEBA
___ Thursday MAUNDY
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