How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Aug 12 2003

'But you promised!' retort ILIED
'Doe, ___ ...' ADEER
'Metamorphoses' author OVID
'Note to ___ ...' SELF
'Unsafe at Any Speed' author NADER
'Witness' director Peter WEIR
Adagio and allegro TEMPI
Alaskan native ALEUT
Arizona tribe HOPI
Big name in auto parts NAPA
Big trouble HOTWATER
Birdcage sound TWEET
Birthstone for many Libras OPAL
Capital near Casablanca RABAT
Classical Japanese drama NOH
Cloudiness BLEAR
Combatant FOE
Condition of utmost perfection FARETHEEWELL
Confederate signature RELEE
Cupid's Greek counterpart EROS
Dead-end street CULDESAC
Diameter halves RADII
Discomfit FAZE
Disney's Dwarfs, e.g. HEPTAD
Doesn't contain one's anger ERUPTS
Duffer's obstacle TRAP
Dumbfound AMAZE
Exorbitant STEEP
Famous jour. publisher AMA
Farsi speaker IRANI
Five-note refrain EIEIO
Friday on TV JOE
Geoffrey of fashion BEENE
Goodbye to José ADIOS
Head in a guillotine? TETE
How pendulums swing TOANDFRO
Humanitarian org. CARE
Investment STAKE
Jazz singer Anita ODAY
Lecher ROUE
Letter from a teacher GRADE
Lindbergh Field site SANDIEGO
Longest river in France LOIRE
Married madrileña: Abbr. SRA
Massaged places NAPES
Natural hairstyle AFRO
No short story EPIC
One-star BAD
Orderly TIDY
Oversaw RAN
Part of WWW WEB
Personal staff member AIDE
Piglike animal TAPIR
Qatari leader EMIR
Removes from power OUSTS
Santa ___, Calif. ANA
Sarcophagus TOMB
Score of 100-0, say ROUT
Ship's front PROW
Simpleton ASS
Skater Henie SONJA
Small bite NIP
Sport in which players wear masks EPEE
Spot on the radar BLIP
Start of Caesar's last gasp ETTU
Stroke PET
Sun. delivery SER
Thick slice SLAB
Tito Puente's nickname ELREY
Track shape OVAL
Treat with chips TOLLHOUSECOOKIE
Use a swizzle stick STIR
Versailles habitant ROI
Volunteer org. launched in 1980 MADD
West of Nashville DOTTIE
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