How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 26 2016

'Amen to that!' WORDUP
'Good ___!' GRIEF
'Hamilton,' e.g MUSICAL
'Much to my ___ ...' CHAGRIN
'Toodles!' TATA
Actor Bean, whose first name looks like it rhymes with his last, but doesn't SEAN
Address you can't enter into a GPS URL
Aggressive manager for a child star STAGEMOM
Ally who's not completely an ally FRENEMY
Angled golf holes DOGLEGS
Back on board AFT
Ballerina's wear TUTU
Be a pilot AVIATE
Bit of fiction LIE
Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff DREGS
Come after ENSUE
Completely fine ALLOK
Course that might be labeled '101' INTRO
Decidedly not-lax grp. at LAX TSA
Declare assuredly AVOW
Deity to 1.5+ billion ALLAH
Desist CEASE
Do the breaststroke, say SWIM
Doe's mate STAG
Facilitate EASE
Filmdom's 'The Bible,' e.g EPIC
Former Sanyo competitor AIWA
Frequent theme for Adele LOSTLOVE
Gives a heads-up ALERTS
Head of the French department? TETE
Hellenic 'H' ETA
Imbecile DOLT
Its inaugural flight was in 1948 ELAL
Jared of 'Dallas Buyers Club' LETO
Long hike TREK
Lose vibrancy FADE
Medieval drudges SERFS
N.Y.C. subway inits IRT
Nonurban RURAL
North, south, east or west POINT
Not having much chance of failure LOWRISK
Olympics sword EPEE
Ones helping a public prosecutor, for short ADAS
Pickup that gets picked up, perhaps REPO
Popular strength-training program CROSSFIT
Protection provided by military planes AIRCOVER
Ready for bed TIRED
Removes, as a layer SHEDS
Restaurant dip for bread OIL
Rink game HOCKEY
Ruler division INCH
Scandal affecting iPhone owners? APPLEGATE
Scandal depicted in 'Avatar'? NAVIGATE
Scandal in the aftermath of a tsunami? FLOODGATE
Scandal involving Tesla C.E.O. Musk? ELONGATE
Scandal surrounding copy editors' proofreading marks? DELEGATE
Scandal that implicates a detective? TAILGATE
Shape of the president's office OVAL
Shirt for a workout TEE
Sleeve filler ARM
Small, brown songbird WREN
Some hosp. tests EEGS
Storyteller Wilhelm or Jakob GRIMM
Suit accessory TIE
Title on 'Downton Abbey' EARL
TV's 'Oscars' EMMYS
TV-watching room DEN
Up from bed AWAKE
Warmonger HAWK
Watch in astonishment GAPEAT
Wink accompanier NUDGE
Wise one SAGE
Word before shot or season FLU
Words of sympathy ICARE
___ Canyon Park (running spot in the Hollywood Hills) RUNYON
___ mia (Italian term of endearment) CARA
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