How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 23 1998

'Have ___!' ('Make yourself at home!') ASEAT
'Je ne ___ quoi' SAIS
'Tamerlane' dramatist Nicholas ROWE
'The Diary of Anne Frank' villains GESTAPO
-ish LIKE
1953 Pulitzer playwright INGE
9000 Turbo, e.g. SAAB
Año opener ENERO
Antitoxin fluids SERA
Atlas section ASIA
Author Earl ___ Biggers DERR
Boston Strangler's cousin? JACKTHEGRIPPER.
Chick mate DUDE
Clueless ATSEA
College founder Cornell EZRA
Controversial 1960's magazine EROS
Ending with switch EROO
England's westernmost cape LANDSEND
Exhibited fear RAN
Film co. behind 'Suspicion' RKO
Gettysburg opponent of Lee MEADE
Hardens SETS
Hermit in husbandry? THELONEGRANGER
Indian related to the Missouri OTOE
It's bad to keep in the closet MOTH
It's out in the Outback EMU
J.F.K. monitor info ETAS
Jazz singer Anita ODAY
Jersey, e.g. KNIT
Jesus, for one ALOU
Jet-set sort GOER
Kind of job RUSH
Laid up ABED
Late writer with a 1946 best seller SPOCK
Litter's littlest RUNT
Lummoxes OAFS
Mathis hit of '59 MISTY
Ness, e.g. TMAN
One who goes for the gold? MINER
Orchestra part OBOE
Part of G.M.T. MEAN
Poet Van Duyn MONA
Put (on) BET
Reasonable marriage expectation? AGROOMOFONESOWN
Red Army founder TROTSKY
Related (to) TIED
Resolute GRITTY
Response to 'Let's eat!'? AYTHERESTHEGRUB
Russell's 'Tombstone' role EARP
Sans mixers NEAT
Seek earnestly SOLICIT
Snorri Sturluson work EDDA
Spoiled BAD
Spurred URGED
Starting point GERM
Stewed LIT
Street sound BEEP
Suffix with glass INE
Tabula ___ RASA
Tennis's Richards RENEE
Triangular sails JIBS
Tubular pasta ZITI
Use a trawl DRAG
Warwick's '___ Little Prayer' ISAYA
Whole thing? INTEGER
Whopper topper KETCHUP
Writer Ernie PYLE
___ Oil Co. of 80's TV EWING
___-hoo YOO
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