How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 20 2002

'The Lover of Horses' author Gallagher TESS
'___ Dream' (Wagner aria) ELSAS
À la the Amish PLAINLY
Alternative to steps RAMP
Amendment impetus, maybe PETITION
Ancient Olympics site ELIS
Break RIFT
Cast aside SPURNED
Chaps, e.g. COLOGNE
Conductor ___ Walter BRUNO
Cranes do it WADE
Desperate measures HEROICS
Documentarian Morris ERROL
Dwellers in ancient Tuscany ETRUSCANS
Farm sound CAW
Fattening LARDING
Fed. management grp. GSA
Feeding: Prefix PHAG
Fermi's first PRIMA
First name in swing ARTIE
Flow stopper CLOG
Get with the program? ENROL
Goethe play that was banned STELLA
Hammett creation ASTA
HBO alternative SHO
He loved his work PYGMALION
Hindenburg's predecessor as German president EBERT
Hosp. readings EEGS
Hysterical MANIC
Ice cream order DOUBLEDIP
Imperturbability SANGFROID
Instrumentality AGENCY
Kind of team AWAY
Left end? IST
Line intersecting a curve SECANT
Make a father ORDAIN
Marine predator ORCA
Microsoft product DOS
More frequent than the Olympics TRIENNIAL
Not as LESS
Old saloon sights PIANOS
One may show you the money TREASURER
Originated AROSE
Part of 27-Down: Abbr. SYST
Pontiac, e.g. OTTAWA
Post production? GRAPENUTS
Posted, so to speak AWARE
Put away EATEN
Radio format OLDIES
Ring bearer, maybe EAR
Sanctimonious sort PHARISEE
Scooter alternative TRICYCLE
Scratches RASPS
Sigourney's role in 'Alien' ELLEN
Silkwood of 'Silkwood' KAREN
Something to gnaw on TBONE
Study piece DESK
Talks up TOUTS
Territories TURFS
They're trident-shaped PSIS
True believer FANATIC
Trying to trap INSIDIOUS
Turn type HAIRPIN
U.S. naval base until 1951 PAGOPAGO
Where the action is SCENE
Wing-shaped ALAR
___ bit (slightly) AWEE
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