How many letters in the Answer?

New York Times Apr 14 1998

&&& ANDS
'Aladdin' prince ALI
'Mona ___' LISA
'___ said to the...' (joke line) SOI
1982 Disney movie TRON
50's-60's pop vocalist ___ Barry LEN
6-3, 4-6, 7-6, e.g. SETS
Actor Gibson MEL
Actress Braga from Brazil SONIA
Actress's sports award? GEENADAVISCUP
Alaska native ALEUT
Anecdotal collection ANA
Bat wood ASH
Birds now raised on farms EMUS
Brown tone SEPIA
Celebrities may put them on AIRS
Champagne designation SEC
Chicken ___ KIEV
City on the Rhône and Saône LYON
Close NEAR
Crafts MAKES
Cunning FOXY
Deep-space mission PROBE
Downscale LOWEND
Dueler with Hamilton BURR
Essence GIST
Famous Hart MOSS
Formal meetings SYMPOSIA
Fort ___, Md. MEADE
French romance AMOUR
Greek piper PAN
Greek sandwich GYRO
Gymnastics equipment MAT
Hardly a beauty HAG
Hawaii's state bird NENE
I am, to Caesar SUM
Its slogan was once 'Cleans like a white tornado' AJAX
Kind of phone CELL
Leg-of-mutton sleeve GIGOT
Like a certain sax ALTO
Links championship USOPEN
Marks over n's TILDES
Movie lioness ELSA
Museum features EXHIBITS
Mystery ENIGMA
Old musical producer's annual contest? BILLYROSEBOWL
One of the family NIECE
Ore analysis ASSAY
Pavlov and Lendl IVANS
Place for small scissors ETUI
Place of worship ALTAR
Poe's middle name ALLAN
Pronto ASAP
Reagan Secretary of State HAIG
School assignment ESSAY
Society's 400 ELITE
Spa in Germany EMS
Stance POSE
Stocking shade BEIGE
Studies into the wee hours CRAMS
Talkative bird MYNA
The 'Y' of Y.S.L. YVES
Transylvania's locale: Var. RUMANIA
Two-point score SAFETY
Up to now ASYET
Virgil hero AENEAS
Weird: Var. EERY
Where a TV lawyer keeps clues? PERRYMASONJAR.
White House's ___ Room EAST
Will Smith songs RAPS
With anticipation EAGERLY
Yemen neighbor OMAN
___ fide BONA
___ Four (Beatles) FAB
___ piece (Safire column) OPED
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