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Ink Well xwords Sep 16 2005

'Oh, well,' to Henri CESTLAVIE
'___ to self . . .' NOTE
53rd Street comedy club, informally IMPROV
Adorable one CUTIE
America's country code ONE
Andean tuber OCA
Approximation, and a 38-Across GUESSTIMATE
Attacks SETSAT
Break GAP
Cat's 'please continue scratching behind my ears' PURR
Change to junk bond status, say RERATE
Chorus voice ALTO
Clinton's body SENATE
Converses online IMS
Cote d'Ivoire season ETE
Doha bigwig EMIR
Edible desert plant YUCCA
Fiddling emperor NERO
Fish-eating eagle ERNE
Hall of Fame football coach Hank STRAM
Have ___ (know someone) ANIN
Houston, e.g. STREET
It.'s there EUR
Kaz or Pedro MET
Letters left of F1 ESC
Like a dungeon DANK
Melody TUNE
Messenger molecules RNAS
Most accomodating NICEST
Muffin option BRAN
Name your price ASK
NWA co-founder, familiarly DRE
NYSE introductions IPOS
Old film channel TCM
Other, in El Barrio OTRA
Peat fields BOGS
People with reservations in New York SENECA
Pick for locks? COMB
Pitch at night, and a 38-Across INFOMERCIAL
Plus-size model EMME
Politically coveted communities, and a 38-Across EXURBS
Posthaste, in the OR STAT
Prisoner's code PENAL
Quiet ending? UDE
Ring result PIN
Ripening agent AGER
Rnd. fig. CIR
Rum cocktail MAITAI
Sangria go-with TAPAS
Senator who told Quayle 'you're no Jack Kennedy' BENTSEN
Sense of orientation, and a 38-Across GAYDAR
Sesame Street, e.g., and a 38-Across EDUTAINMENT
Size 2, e.g. PETITE
Spike Lee, vis-à-vis NYU ALUM
Spike TV, formerly TNN
Spy ___ Hari MATA
Stories on the stand ALIBIS
SVA degree MFA
Tall Italian smoker: abbr. MTETNA
The way to a person's heart? AORTA
Theory George Bush Sr. called 'voodoo,' and a 38-Across REAGANOMICS
They're ahead of U RST
Tiffany designer Peretti ELSA
Union Sq., e.g. STA
Units in a six-pack? ABS
West of Greenpoint, Brooklyn MAE
Widow's handiwork WEB
Words of understanding ISEE
XXX center TAC
You may wear it out COAT
[It can't be!] GASP
___ Lingus AER
___ of Evil AXIS
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