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Ink Well xwords Nov 24 2006

'Don't move!' STAYPUT
'Git!' SCRAM
'You get me next time. ...' MYTREAT
'___ won't!' NOI
Absorb, as a loss EAT
Act the skeptic DOUBT
Arts' partner CRAFTS
Bandleader's direction HITIT
Basket-making help ASSIST
Breakfast option EGGS
Breakfast option GRANOLA
Bug's middle THORAX
Charming et al. PRINCES
CIA emp. AGT
Computer image file type TIF
Confiscates, as contraband SEIZES
Controversial hanging thing in 2000 CHAD
Cruise enthusiast, perhaps SHUFFLEBOARDER
Current LATEST
Dance with a raised chair HORA
Den din ROAR
Diva's showcase ARIA
Domineering sort, colloquially NAZI
Emer. key ESC
Emulates earth ROTATES
F.I.C.A. funds it SSA
Field that produces microscopic devices NANOTECHNOLOGY
Fish in a melt TUNA
Former country TV station TNN
Frequent locale in 'The Far Side' HELL
GI entertainers USO
Gordon of Sonic Youth KIM
Grow sharper, perhaps AGE
Have OWN
Healing plant ALOE
Hosers, at times FIREMEN
Jesús or Moises, e.g. ALOU
Lake's bandmate EMERSON
Leopard spot ROSETTE
Letter addenda PSS
Like a temple with no columns APTERAL
Like Columbus GENOESE
Makes 'it' TAGS
Medium talent ESP
Met work OPERA
Minor fight SCRAPE
More like shag-carpet PLUSHER
Move, in real estate jargon RELO
Noir and Grigio, e.g. PINOTS
Notre Dame nooks APSES
Oklahoma city near Oklahoma City ENID
Poker legend Ungar STU
Rap type GANGSTA
Raw material? SASHIMI
Richard or Karl MARX
Risk ___ AVERSE
Shaving alternative NAIR
Sid Meier video game series, familiarly CIV
Six Flags attraction RIDE
Some African expeditions SAFARIS
Springfield minor leaguers ISOTOPES
Stork-like birds IBISES
The Galaxie 500's 'This is ___ Music' OUR
Title of a Tori Amos boxed set APIANO
Tougher, as a schoolmarm STERNER
Tricky curve ESS
Trouble WOE
Turned-on turn-on VIBRATOR
What a sitter makes LAP
Wire-tapping org. NSA
Wrigley stuff IVY
Yogi's co-creator HANNA
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