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Rock and Roll Sep 04 2016

"Bleed" Hot Chelle ___ RAE
"Broken Arrow" Stewart ROD
"Dancing Queen" band ABBA
"Got My ___ Working" Muddy Waters MOJO
"Here's Some Love" Tucker TANYA
"High Enough" band ___ Yankees DAMN
"In My Time" New Age keyman YANNI
"It's a Breeze" crooner Matt MONRO
"Listen to Your Love" band MONA
"No Regrets" Midge URE
"One ___ Over the Line" TOKE
"Someone to Love You" Ruff ___ ENDZ
"The Memory of Trees" singer ENYA
"The Wallflower" James ETTA
"World Clique" Deee-___ LITE
"___ Self" Sepultura INNER
'01 Dave Matthews "Everyday" hit "I ___" DIDIT
'12 Green Day "Oh Love" album UNO
'50s Chicago jazz/blues/gospel label, with "Records" STATES
'70s "Babe" band STYX
'80s J. Geils hit cover IDO
Aerosmith "Sleeping late and smoking ___" TEA
Alice in Chains' Mike INEZ
Amy Winehouse "You Know ___ Good" IMNO
Barenaked Ladies "___ we never really knew each other anyway" ENID
Big concert venue ARENA
Blink-182 "___ of the State" ENEMA
Born Ruffians "___ of Those Girls" IMONE
Boston "Horror" metalcores CANNAE
British electronica musician and producer Hopkins JON
Byrne collaborator on "Everything That Happens Will Happen Today" ENO
Chart-topping "21" Brit ADELE
Children's musician Peter ALSOP
Clash song that says it ain't so? DENY
Come before "aahs" OOHS
Country singer Rimes LEANN
Cult "___ (Ciao Baby)" EDIE
Dan of Georgia Satellites BAIRD
Delfonics "___ (Blow Your Mind This Time)" DIDNTI
Dinosaur Jr. "___ Song" off "Bug" POND
Fall Out Boy "Our Lawyer Made Us Change the Name of This Song So We Wouldn't Get ___" SUED
Former Bon Jovi bassist John Such ALEC
Gloria Estefan "___ Your Feet" GETON
Goldfrapp "___ White Horse" RIDEA
Grateful Dead "The Race ___" ISON
Green Day "King for ___" ADAY
Huge L.A. label founded in '42 CAPITOL
Jimi Hendrix "___ depression is touching my soul" MANIC
Joey McIntyre band (abbr.) NKOTB
LCD Soundsystem drummer Pat MAHONEY
Lennon's widow ONO
Little Richard "___-Frutti" TUTTI
Living Colour "Leave It ___" ALONE
Mended stage garb SEWED
Mr. Big album "Get ___" OVERIT
Mumford and Sons song about fibber? LIAR
Mutemath's debut EP you play again? RESET
Neil Diamond "I Am ... ___" ISAID
New Jersey's Yo ___ LATENGO
Overnight festival need TENT
Paul and Linda McCartney "Uncle Albert/___ Halsey" ADMIRAL
Place band is from AREA
Pretended to sing MIMED
Priscilla, Rosemary, and Lola LANES
RHCP song inspired by green soup? PEA
Rocking! NEAT
Sammy Hagar "Marching ___" TOMARS
Scripted song again REWROTE
Sign you look for during bad band EXIT
Silent, about star's secret MUM
Song online before release LEAK
Soundgarden "Superunknown" hit MYWAVE
Soundgarden label ___ Pop SUB
Squeeze "If ___ Love" ITS
System of a Down song about being "all the way alive"? ATWA
Talk Talk "Laughing ___" STOCK
The ___ Parsons Project ALAN
These are auctioned at music expo ITEMS
Trippy U.K. pioneers, with "The" ORB
Try song again REDO
Tulsa sound trailblazer J.J CALE
Where young band might play MALL
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