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Rock and Roll May 26 2013

"Call My Name" jazz singer James ETTA
"Comfort of Strangers" Beth ORTON
"Get a ___" Semisonic GRIP
"I'll Be" McCain EDWIN
"Love Shoulda Brought You Home" Braxton TONI
"Nut Rocker" prog-rockers (abbr.) ELP
"Sail Away" singer ENYA
"Set ___ On Memory Bliss" P.M. Dawn ADRIFT
"The Cold ___" Augie March ACRE
"The Greatest Love ___" OFALL
"The Wiz" song "___ on Down the Road" EASE
"You Make Me Feel Like Dancing" Sayer LEO
"___ dance, put on your red shoes and dance the blues" LETS
'60s group Dave ___, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich DEE
'60s inspiration, for some LSD
'80 Cherie Currie movie FOXES
'95 Queen album MADEINHEAVEN
Alessandra Amoroso song that leaves you motionless? IMMOBILE
Amy of Evanescence LEE
Baked Helmet song? OVEN
Beatles "___ you'll look to see I've gone" ONEDAY
Ben Harper "___ Omen" AMEN
Camp Kill Yourself, now CKY
Chevelle debut "___ #1" POINT
Country singer Lee Ann WOMACK
Elton John "I'm ___ Standing" STILL
Elvis song for the living? LIFE
Eric Johnson "Ah ___ Musicom" VIA
Girl-inspired ZZ Top "El Loco" song LEILA
Glenn Frey "Somebody ___" ELSE
Growling Kesha album? ANIMAL
Heavy metal band that foreshadows? OMEN
Indie rockers Ambulance ___ LTD
Jake Owen "Yee ___" HAW
Kill Hannah "___ & Ever" FORNEVER
Krautrock band that had no worries? AGITATIONFREE
Lennox of Animal Collective NOAH
Live Aid singer Kershaw NIK
Manager gives it ADVICE
Manson "Mutilation is the Most Sincere ___ of Flattery" FORM
Matrix actress & singer Gaye NONA
Nightime ritual for Madonna? BEDTIMESTORY
NOFX song about a dog? FLEAS
Not nice Pink song? MEAN
Part of lyrical content, at times WIT
Pearl digital drumset EPRO
Peter Gabriel "A Wonderful Day in ___-Way World" AONE
Peter Gabriel's '94 Grammy video win STEAM
Pickable Ben Lee song? RIPE
Pink Floyd "Careful With That ___, Eugene" AXE
Pointer Sisters "___ Excited" IMSO
Power Station "Some Like ___" ITHOT
Queen "I'm naked and I'm ___ from home" FAR
Queen "You ___ My Breath Away" TAKE
Queen "___ Live With You" ICANT
Radioactive Blondie song? ATOMIC
Red Hot Chili Peppers "Purple ___" STAIN
Released from contract FREED
Repeated words in '94 Erasure album title ISAY
Robert Palmer "Heavy ___" NOVA
Rolls w/the Blowfish HOOTIE
Soundtrack "___ World" WAYNES
Starred in '08 rock doc ANVIL
Texas band inspired by an ore? MINERAL
The Monkees closing theme, "For ___ Sake" PETES
The time of jazz, e.g ERA
Uncle Tupelo spinoff Son ___ VOLT
Uriah ___ HEEP
What A&R reps come back with REPORTS
What heavy metal might do OFFEND
What Kim Mitchell drinks sometimes? ASODA
What rocker went, when fame hit too hard AWOL
What Thao might "Like" on her bed LINEN
Whitesnake "Slide ___" ITIN
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