How many letters in the Answer?

The Sun - Two Speed Feb 09 2016

A friend you are said to be, though not professional AMATEUR
Absolute UTTER
Accent on footwear BROGUE
Accomplices ALLIES
Act of betrayal TREASON
Allow in to river to scrub DELETE
Amount of water surrounding European ship GALLEON
Appreciate something on hand DIGIT
Assemble RAISE
Back of the eye RETINA
Bad temper SPLEEN
Bad temper observed involving write-up of album SPLEEN
Beast following most, shortly, to capital MOSCOW
Being dishonest LYING
Build anew REDEVELOP
Capital of Russia MOSCOW
Caterer's frightful row of houses TERRACE
Coaching without a stew of dumplings GNOCCHI
Configuration SHAPE
Crime in which senator mixed up TREASON
Dash, bit MODICUM
Dilettante AMATEUR
Dwelling holding silver gains great respect HOMAGE
Either son could be going up ONTHERISE
Event site VENUE
Everyone that is southern makes up Confederates ALLIES
Foreign city: New Orleans SALERNO
Form of quiet primate SHAPE
Giant has to stretch, we hear TITAN
Gradients SLOPES
I interrupt meek non-Jewish person GENTILE
I wander up to New Zealander MAORI
Integer DIGIT
Irish accent BROGUE
Italian dumplings GNOCCHI
Just a bit tight-lipped about bodice shortened at both ends MODICUM
Mythical giant TITAN
Native New Zealander MAORI
Non-Jewish GENTILE
Old sailing ship GALLEON
Point out there's nothing inside? It's your choice OPTION
Poles regroup by southern hillsides SLOPES
Port south-east of Naples SALERNO
Promote cook, though not at first RAISE
Prone to telling fibs LYING
Rebuild an area, about to produce the photograph REDEVELOP
Retain complicated part of the eye RETINA
Row of houses TERRACE
Some of boot's mud gets to make blurred mark SMUDGE
Swear there's nothing missing from the circuit CURSE
Total to speak UTTER
Tree-lined street without a meeting-place VENUE
Tribute HOMAGE
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