How many letters in the Answer?

The Sun - Two Speed Apr 21 2019

A cycling champ with 'hello sailor'? ahoy
Adult, fat more or less around
Anonymous salesmen beaten nameless
Approximately around
Artist embraced by Lennon occasionally ono
Baked item inspected and pickled pie-eyed
Barrage balloon blimp
Blotto (informal) pie-eyed
Boat that's not as heavy lighter
Boot out some nervous tension oust
Bring forth small tool spawn
Canned tinned
Childishly sulky petulant
City worker going through map book endlessly atlanta
Conflict that led to Cromwell's Protectorate civil war
Dancing women performing: heavenly sight new moon
Defeat for party thrash
Depose or unseat oust
Desire for self-annihilation death wish
Droop sag
Employer (informal) boss
End on top? finish up
European river rhone
Fable writer aesop
Favourite aunt left in tizzy, irritable petulant
Figure of speech simile
Give rise to spawn
Grin about one bright as a button say simile
Hang from gallows again? sag
Heron destroyed French flower rhone
Illicit liquor (informal) moonshine
Knight in New York a simpleton ninny
Less weighty lighter
Lunar phase new moon
Man going round pub that's preserved tinned
Nautical greeting ahoy
New Lib member in airship blimp
Nincompoop (informal) ninny
No wise man in Djibouti oddly idiot
Postpone visit stay
Remain stay
Rum in fashion endlessly reduced by hikers? trodden
Serious internal trouble? civil war
Simpleton idiot
State capital of Georgia atlanta
Still responsible for this silly talk? moonshine
Storyteller backed main work aesop
Supremo finds love in British ship boss
Trampled trodden
Trounce thrash
Unfortunately we had this Freudian impulse death wish
Unidentified nameless
Use the last of finish up
Vessels in river region expanse
Wide area expanse
Yoko ---, activist ono
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