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The Telegraph - Cryptic Jan 16 2013

'City knocked out in Cup' -- Mail MUNICIPAL
A delightful sort of accent ACUTE
A fog covering river, and the effect of freezing means a ceasefire ARMISTICE
Arrive cold and thin, and admit error COMECLEAN
Batsman gets duck -- fellow takes name OPENER
Capital invested in bank? A racket! ANKARA
Car from queue running over tailless rodent on island LIMOUSINE
Composure required, but drags on if suffering SANGFROID
Copper getting fellow in to replace loss of temperature -- it's not working properly DEFECTIVE
Cute working partnership without kids DINKY
Disgusted with horse's accommodation on ship SICKBAY
Expression of denial surrounding a church's food from abroad NACHO
Forbid access -- bit of hair not in place! LOCKOUT
Gets used to airs after a time ATTUNES
Go on press trips to get forecasts PROGNOSES
Hostility from African country clubs witnessed by European MALICE
Looked and searched the internet with the first couple going missing OGLED
Lost heat after start of brief swim BATHE
Makes money from sweets MINTS
Mostly natter about otherwise capital area CHELSEA
Odd drink sent back causes uproar RUMPUS
People with briefs -- kind found on board ship SILKS
Player's sliding scale? GLISSANDO
Poor Titania's on Ecstasy and unable to get enough INSATIATE
Put off cricketer's transport with runners SLEDGE
Right-wing turns up to support doctor with housing problem DRYROT
Rough share given to international organisation UNCUT
Suppose son has love for authority! SAYSO
Trio working around new opening INTRO
Undergo suspension during church alteration CHANGE
Vessel from small island carrying post CAPILLARY
What's left by supporter? A country with no heart LEGACY
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