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The Times - Cryptic Sep 19 2009

Alpine sun is unusual for Scandinavia, perhaps PENINSULA
Always in firm being amenable to guidance STEERABLE
American novelist gained over Henry by skill WHARTON
As circus act, skater will tumble over front of tent STILTWALKER
Catalogue includes an unknown composer LISZT
Cocktail drunk before a dance HIGHBALL
College has the last word on sea anemone forms POLYPS
Company having come in force ENTERPRISE
Continent where one shortly finds Baton Rouge, Bismarck and Boston? LANDMASS
Cut short abrasive chap coming into view EMERGENT
Drain must be about the lowest point NADIR
Drug copy's unfortunately inert APERIENT
Female totters with sailor — they finally must be smashed FRAGMENTARY
Good length missing from links, as expected OFCOURSE
Group striving for perfect pitch? GROUNDSTAFF
He painted composer, without using a green ELGRECO
How one gets a lifeless reaction from one liver, say, I visit in New York INORGANICALLY
I must take fishing gear round lake, or part of it INLET
Illness with temperature and little energy upset aunts TETANUS
In mediaeval show Death has sport, felling one character MORALITYPLAY
Instruct one playing a game of Boston COURTTENNIS
Like one from Athens that's lost some time coming from eastern lands ASIATIC
Make sense of Conservative faithful CONSTRUE
Meeting held between 8:24 and 8:34 TRYST
Needle holder — every tailor uses it at first ETUI
Odd bits of cotton put in to bring up pile REACTOR
Odd, dim bureaucrat arranged with us the application of an idea with farcical result REDUCTIOADABSURDUM
On which to carry wine, for instance during a church hymn SALVEREGINA
One covering raised gun holder with a sign of hesitation UPHOLSTERER
One wanting to settle punctuation mark, one used by an index COLONIALIST
One who won't go out with his brothers? STRIKEBREAKER
One with a vacant room during prohibition? BARMAN
One with remarkable skill avoids taint, although corrupt IDIOTSAVANT
Place for cats and dogs together in the doghouse? UNDERACLOUD
Puzzle about computer circuit REBUS
Red colouring in chicken dinner initially rejected COCHINEAL
Repeated passage of tortoise divides as in the original Zeno? STOIC
Retrogressive to support what Guardian may support? BACKWARDS
Salt cellar server vacantly used to coat fish SHAKER
Scene moving worker is on call PAGEANT
Second attempt to encircle soldiers where files may be observed REGISTRY
Simple relation needs no English spoken UNCLUTTERED
Slimy and fitly messy when unconstrained? Exactly so LIMITLESS
Some disputes one's arbitrating, back in college BRASENOSE
Spoil terribly yet treat with great care when I quietly depart BUTCHER
Stock needing a quick look over KEEP
Storm over participating in revolution CYCLONE
Support deceitful person when abandoning wife EASEL
Tart kept a watch on drunk PIEEYED
Terrible inertia over? Good! That's put more life into one REINVIGORATE
Tester of maths realm, as it turns out FERMATSLASTTHEOREM
Very fine hour with a flying organisation HAIRLINE
What gets strong desire to eat one's crops, primarily LOCUST
What Sisyphus has and does for entertainment ROCKANDROLL
What surgeon does mostly without a hot garment in theatre? OPERAHAT
Where wise men scan the heavens fixing star over boy OBSERVATORY
Whip up row wearing costume and hairstyle RIDINGCROP
Wild ox exists among British game BISON
With penetrating reason why commuter stands for fine NOSWEAT
Young giving up ecstasy long for wine GRENACHE
A knight evidently snapped, displaying great fear PANIC
A little smoke from one article in cooker — concern about this CIGARILLO
Ace leading at full speed AMAIN
American set a dish on a bust IDAHOANS
Arm of church body organised harvest festival time after time TRANSEPT
Be strangely taken with cinema's atmosphere AMBIENCE
Black eye limiting naval officer with his employer? SHIPOWNER
Chap traditionally hanging outside very small grouse KVETCH
Childishly pictured man as a sort of model MATCHSTICK
Decline in inflation not noticed, but outcome is flat SLOWPUNCTURE
Deposit smaller amount, saving nothing LOESS
Do without chimney in which smoke could rise COLUMN
Economist to get by smoothly talking up Scottish football team GALBRAITH
Entirely sound, good bar that is object of quest HOLYGRAIL
Feigned dislike, consequently encourages to accept blame SOURGRAPES
I look regal when touring Australian town KALGOORLIE
Impact tails off but with impromptu afterword THUD
In place of sermon, lad's confession is brief AMBO
It's worthless to preserve dignity in extremes, following defeat CANDYFLOSS
Lob bottle out over sea, with flares BELLBOTTOMED
March in cold round isolated wet area in field COLONELBOGEY
Old person in race oddly eclipsed bionic man INCA
Paces rapidly round stores a fair distance PARSEC
Passenger, perhaps, sinking fitting into narrow compartment PIGEONHOLING
Place to eat a dog's breakfast MESS
Sailor died clutching minute weapon ABOMB
Such revenue once from the seaside INLAND
Town's university and two others combined to dismiss Head UXBRIDGE
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