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The Times - Cryptic Oct 06 2001

A large and mostly sharp musical instrument ALTHORN
A Roman Catholic head turned against Anglican clergyman ARCHDEACON
A ship designed, it's said, for a raid ASSAILMENT
After a lot of sleep, think one should give a reply RESPONDER
Altering bent percussion instrument TRIANGLE
Artist doesn't usually respect Establishment's reactionary leaders DURER
Assured London figure's mistaken self-important ideas DELUSIONSOFGRANDEUR
Bedside table - one needs it for a brief romance NIGHTSTAND
Belting concert involving initially raucous noise GIRDING
Bottle a lot of drinks SPIRIT
Brilliant - chap's almost drunk to start with! FULGENT
Carnival that is taking place on street is being held by footballers FIESTA
Chap circulating cheque books inside night club DISCOTHEQUE
Dandies on the booze - a deadly pursuit for some BLOODSPORT
Dicky delays Peter in reckless fashion DESPERATELY
Difficult to move, as a marine plant might be? DEEPROOTED
Dished out tips among drivers, giving quick way to get to Madrid AUTOPISTA
Disreputable and largely vulgar revolutionary leader LOUCHE
Downs salts EPSOM
Engage Nato in struggle around Rumanian capital, supplying destructive chemical AGENTORANGE
Examination involving criminal - a tout MATRICULATION
Excite purist, panicking STIRUP
Fails to understand newly issued Times reprints MISINTERPRETS
Farm building of prime importance in Devon town BARNSTAPLE
Female returned in Verona elections ELEANOR
Film: Second Life of Charles de Gaulle MOVIE
Fool placed flag at front of a ship JACKASS
French author's cut CHATEAUBRIAND
Frequently meanders round Oldham's borders, wavering OFTWOMINDS
Gathers for prayers COLLECTS
Give in to temptation on line? RISETOTHEBAIT
Given medicine, bedded down half-heartedly DOSED
He was jealous of books inscribed with greeting OTHELLO
Head chaperon sacked CAPEHORN
Individual taken in by examiner becomes more irritable TESTIER
Instrument has silencing device fixed inside MUSETTE
Is initially enthusiastic about a meeting place somewhere in New York MADISONAVENUE
Legislative council needed best part of a month to take on the army JUNTA
Measure one's taken to evaluate foreign government EMIRATE
Number One record hit brought round to provide amusement ENTERTAIN
Old soldier put off leading out in front VETERAN
One closely follows oral narrative with great, though unusual, ending TAILGATER
Organised display of equestrianism? Not in this city area TIMESSQUARE
Page, one imprisoned by terrible ruling body in France DIRECTOIRE
Phone for take-away service, perhaps, and ask to settle CALLTOORDER
Plant, spy associated with free trade advocate EYEBRIGHT
Practising thespians REHEARSERS
Precious box certain to be found in stretches of water, dry on the outside TREASURECHEST
Proceed in uncommitted way, having to examine proposals for debate GOTHROUGHTHEMOTIONS
Put in German prison at first for stealing NICKING
Puts off collection of mail, only to be sealed by private secretary POSTPONES
Rather affected songwriter making a retreat CAMPDAVID
Rushes to be treated here? CUTTINGROOM
Second item shedding light in broadcast caused outrage SCANDAL
Side, finally dismissed, bats on vainly in cricket ground EDGBASTON
Soldier heard a loyal subject making radio broadcast? LEGIONNAIRE
Soon to happen where shoppers are found INSTORE
Specially constructed screen that shows extracts from Swan Lake? ENTRECHATS
Statement from professional standpoint PROPOSITION
Steal, using firearm RIFLE
Storage space a tradesman provided after complaint expressed out loud WINECELLAR
Sunglasses kids had to cover impudence CLIPONS
Swipe power CLOUT
Traditional type keeps 'at in 'and, by the sound of it OLDSTYLE
Venomous creature alarms nude having day off RATTLESNAKE
Was given great applause, having completed demolition work BROUGHTTHEHOUSEDOWN
Watch promising team, and be optimistic (4,2,3,6,4) LOOKONTHEBRIGHTSIDE
Water a small bouquet of flowers SPRAY
With £500, you can get diamonds, perhaps, and some smart clothes MONKEYSUIT
Withdraw on getting pursued, so to speak RETRACT
Woman amusingly renders a piano duet in musical CHAPPESS
Woodcutters observed getting into beds PITSAWS
Woomera's salad selection? ROCKETRANGE
Writer trapped, as it were, on heroin, Ecstasy and a sleep-inducing drug NEPENTHE
Wrote like Bertrand Russell? Polish off work submitted to his editor PHILOSOPHISED
You'll need a bit of brass, ordering lobster in dome SLIDETROMBONE
Albert, for instance, as the fellow on duty? WATCHMAN
Alert old boy kept on retainer OBSERVANT
Ancient mother appearing with me in paper THETIMES
Article seen up tree could be bomb NAPALM
Author from American state showing change of character DELAMARE
Be like one relatively inattentive and innocent SPOTLESS
Cool or possibly cold - needing to be wrapped in cloth PLACID
Frenzied female, demented woman getting caught MAENAD
Gosh, gain would come with railway gismos! GADGETRY
Great Scott - he wanted to be as far from there as possible! NORTHPOLE
Immature and silly action he perpetrated INCHOATE
Inventor suffers setback - time to leave field of activity NOSIDE
Meat to get hot and go off when stored ROAST
Mouth off about European money, as before refusing to toe the line RECUSANT
Notice air that is mysterious surrounding sister - consequence of cloistered life? RENUNCIATION
Only just see with impediment overhead BARELY
Pas is one step - when dancing, that shows relevance! APPOSITENESS
Procession of band at end of street STRING
Prometheus was bound to inspire his writing AESCHYLUS
Report of army stockpile HOARD
Ruthless one has an edge CUTTHROAT
Servant showing inadequacy upset you LACKEY
Shelter by church suits worm LEECH
Social occasion concluding with a boring set of songs BALLADRY
Someone with a medical career taking off? FLYINGDOCTOR
Sort of soil that is hard at foot of slope TILTH
They could spell out danger to the tanks ultimately DRAGONSTEETH
Worry about good people being led by one of their number STRESS
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