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The Times - Cryptic Jun 27 2009

Boss of trawler, say, heading off for fish KIPPER
Break in Mediterranean port SPLIT
Busy end to Cymbeline follows its penultimate part ACTIVE
Call team from area close to sporting action RINGSIDE
Children's ignorance! What sort of standard can we expect to see? ENSIGN
Composer yielding, cutting out line SUPPE
Concerning one Urban VIII imprisoned, a Christian GALILEAN
Contestant finally wears this after running? SWEATSHIRT
Craftiest hag may contrive a serious look STRAIGHTFACE
Drab horse lacking in craft DINGY
Epic poetry, often sung, at least originally EPOS
Famous Greek champion hit American HERODOTUS
In the corner, say, a rook is beside all the other men SETPIECE
Just now bank is without a bit of money RECENTLY
King bad to Queen — executioner called for? KILLER
Lively, with a position of advantage, but showing signs of laziness SWINGINGTHELEAD
Maybe commission PC with teenager becoming unruly PERCENTAGE
Modest about British cross-Channel swimmer being very fine? COBWEBBY
One may have awful pain, it being treated by hospital department INPATIENT
Places leading church revolt PUTSCH
Poetry in the college magazines — is that all there is? UNIVERSE
Position of powerless malice SITE
Pretty nasty type, that female RATHER
Simple decision thus apt to be wrong UNSOPHISTICATED
Space traveller's run reported CERES
Stop bothering to seduce fashionable person BEDONEWITHIT
Streamer across one street — it's put up beside steps BANNISTER
Two foolish people given the bird SAPSUCKER
A lot of undersized sole's netted going towards land ONSHORE
A rebel overturned target for schools and universities ACADEMIA
A tax for land threatened by rising sea levels ATOLL
Annie's home and playing on, eg, a harp ORPHANAGE
Apart from the opposite of "ditto"? ASUNDER
Awning taking seconds to release over front of lounge SUNBLIND
Better boater PUNTER
Cast a spell on a reportedly dead figure HEXAGON
Church rule eastern choir unorthodox, having a lively style HIEROCRACY
Community to have boat under the lead of Theseus TOWNSHIP
Countryside covered in ash, perhaps WOODLAND
Daring sound reproduction without AC's unserviceable AUDACIOUS
Died after house's unkind — forget one's lines at the end? HOMEANDDRY
Do a bit for one's good act PARTYPIECE
Doubled part for hokey-cokey's held very loud — and out of tune OFFKEY
Elegant writer has someone on the phone about current plot CALLIGRAPHER
Error beginner's made with pawn for rook TYPO
Every new notion's uninspiring if this begins? ENNUI
Exclusive workers mislay five hundred shillings during strike CLOSEDSHOP
Feeling deeply how verbs change their meaning with time INTENSE
Feeling much enraptured me in translation of Latin SENTIMENTAL
Fellow's turning up not at all concerning duenna CHAPERON
Five hundred and fifty are surrounding city state DECLARE
Flutes use two notes ingeniously to produce melodic quality TUNEFULNESS
Give up years before one's old age YIELD
Ignited Peru's map in revolution — one of its states is red LITMUSPAPER
Inward volume estimated with gold market trader? INVESTOR
Is old time empty Rambo film showing with similar features everywhere? ISOTROPIC
Left in my Scottish island ISLAY
Lenin's writing is hostile after one hundred years — that's one century CYRILLIC
Member has to join according to the national regulations LEGALLY
Native non-rural bat needs relocating NATURALBORN
New home after demob? It's not the military way CIVVYSTREET
One in House voting process initially offers involving commoners HOIPOLLOI
Point for discussion in hybrid railway — running off tracks? CROSSCOUNTRY
Polish holy place, the third in Warsaw to be lost SHINE
Port served jointly by Rhodes and Salonika ODESSA
Puzzle Maxim set on dance JIGSAW
Reminder, say, to make demands for payment to be raised NUDGE
Rod ... graduated as an idiot DIPSTICK
See support regularly dropping away SPOT
Shock from amphetamine's rush TURNOFSPEED
Spanish court established during occupation PATIO
Store's managed to get in a man GRANARY
Strain observable — needing a kiss OVERTAX
Telling off for each that's put back fish REPROACH
The best conductor offers this easy course (4,2,5,10) LINEOFLEASTRESISTANCE
The steady and continuous native way that Chesterton wrote THEROLLINGENGLISHROAD
Told black history badly making one like Attila the Hun? BLOODTHIRSTY
Tomboy wanting coffee to contain two helpings of demerara LADETTE
Top rooms include height and length, note, for sport ATHLETICS
Unite with strength around Lucca's first Pope CLEMENT
Was fighting cancelled? SCRAPPED
What Eliot's cats show got from nasty critic at play PRACTICALITY
What goes into moussaka is perhaps something produced by Orpington factory? EGGPLANT
What may turn up in botanical illustration LILAC
When idle, this could be generating capital NEWDELHI
With God's blessing, one is saved by great aid at sea DEIGRATIA
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