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The Times - Cryptic Jul 23 2005

A bold pose looks absurd in fast dance PASODOBLE
A celebrant moving around in sanctuary TABERNACLE
A cold crew not half wanting to get to a port ACCRA
A false story not initially told to a party supporter AFICIONADO
Accompany conquistador, getting directions first ESCORT
After a new bit of advice is partner splashing spray in the bathroom? ANTIPERSPIRANT
Army capturing Spanish region having got right inside Spanish city TARRAGONA
At the home of revolutionary, extreme character CHEZ
Being wild, he rants to make a point NORTHEAST
Bore giving consent, last to come to the fore EAGRE
Brought to a road bridging river AROUSED
Embarrassed-looking husband going wrong creates a diversion REDHERRING
Exercises needed before running heat WARMUP
Fish in newspaper? Complain MIRRORCARP
Former word for 'colour' no longer used, gone for ever EXTINCT
Girl keeps reporting to base and gets the wrong end of the stick MISUNDERSTANDS
Go and pay Richard for mixing hearty recording CARDIOGRAPHY
Gosh, maybe seaweed can restrict one sort of pain! MYALGIA
He died, an employee diligent in duty OBSERVANT
His 'no goal' upset football louts HOOLIGANS
His article is on European plant GERMANDER
How different from monarch, we! CHARWOMEN
I wallow in the drink, pale ales, then go dizzy ELEPHANTSEAL
Ignorant female somewhere in Herts UNAWARE
Ill-mannered actors that may be plastered ROUGHCAST
Indian composition repeatedly turning up? It contributes to culture AGARAGAR
Insisted on being kept going MAINTAINED
Instrument engineers installed on farm vehicle RETRACTOR
It's good to have much warmth - from this? GLOVE
Just heading off round the hospital department full of enthusiasm? ARDENTLY
Like peas in a pod, nevertheless ALLTHESAME
Look for a rebel, one to be imprisoned AWAIT
Man possibly supporting archbishop initially creates division in church AISLE
Mess made by enthusiasts returning to university SNAFU
Most popular river - yearns to plunge into it TRENDIEST
Not against source of nuclear power in abundance PROFUSION
Old priest taking floor with word of prayer FLAMEN
One after the other is busy ONTHETROT
One swearing audibly: blinking computer guide! CURSOR
Pad in Kensington area attracting top social classes SWAB
Permit gathering? Do! PASSMUSTER
Plant damaged by shrew or rat RESTHARROW
Restrain violent countries TERRAINS
Rocket in the style of yesteryear RETRO
Rubbish beginning to resurface in sleep DROSS
Satisfied editor coming out before workers - those making plea SUPPLIANTS
Suggest by shore taking lead off dog PROPOUND
Support fellow in his primarily mystical form of religion BRAHMANISM
Times crossworder astoundingly missing letters ERAS
Told gardens here the tops? We can't wait! QUEUEJUMPERS
Unqualified medico makes you less ill, one has admitted BONESETTER
Unsettled on a plane? INTHEAIR
Usual bodily deterioration is one cause of reduction in workforce NATURALWASTAGE
VAT costs winter sportsman twenty percent upfront KIER
Vehicle doing a spin in Margaret's garden DRAGSTER
Very sanctimonious about having comparatively more bullet wounds? HOLIERTHANTHOU
What spoiler upsets in play THEAPPLECART
What's upset Jim? He'd no bottle DEMIJOHN
With frozen condensation behind, not seeing NOTICING
With haul of fish secured inside, draw back metal frame COWCATCHER
At length, aim to contribute LEND
Bankrupt held about to run out of capital BUCHAREST
Bedroom valueless for one falling asleep over tea DORMOUSE
Carried to save energy BARE
Centurion's series of campaigns? HUNDREDYEARSWAR
Comparatively irritating, and more malicious after the start ITCHIER
Does it grow wild in desert? RAGWORT
Eliot's old man could turn into goner GERONTION
Endeavour to hold up reptile by its extremities: it may bite REMORSE
Hamlet's rude ancestor heard warning priest FOREFATHER
In a peak period first getting satellite line TERMINATOR
In this way, restrict feudal tenure SOCAGE
Increasingly prosperous region facing no border threats? PACIFICRIM
Is wild animal liable to bite? CANAPE
Like bishop briefly in doubt, unable to speak? SILENT
On which all are drunk, at rear of lounge? REALALE
One not spending enough time, say, in the country RUSSIA
Outfit to boast about GARB
Pair very unfriendly? Oh dear! PRICY
Part of rifle acquired too late to be useful? HINDSIGHT
Place aboard Queen Elizabeth, on the outside BERTH
Reprimand about peas rolling in city street CHEAPSIDE
Revolutionary joins country dance TURKEYTROT
Shape of eyebrow I shaved for man ARCHIBALD
Soldier's covering for an undefended area round city FORAGECAP
This is twisted in back of leg - painful WOUNDING
Trumpet Australian clipper's result? RAMSHORN
Victim of Cyclops is heartily disparaging of other cultures ACIS
Write down love-poet's moving time, using English AMORTISE
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