How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Jan 25 2019

A race isn't terribly bigoted sectarian
Aircraft ugly, did you say? plane
Airmen bombed a country armenia
Bacterium having arisen, discards scraps gubbins
Before disaster, switch footwear flip-flop
Biblical character in short, Abraham's able child, originally isaac
Choose one colour, primarily, for drinks dispenser optic
Extraordinary pearl is close, phenomenal sight solar eclipse
Fantasist in daughter, back to embrace me dreamer
Find small amount trace
Gold initially like hydrogen, say? gas
Highly excited in the past, disappointing ultimately agog
Liberated status unsupported freestanding
Look hard, did you say, for step? stair
New butler admitting old problem trouble
Remove some platter, as empty erase
Rush, healthy plant speedwell
Sense change so near reason
Serious accent grave
Sheep eating last bits of the wiriest horse's hair fetlock
Snatch forty winks beside youth kidnap
Southern mountain most steep severest
Sportingly, where one would be putting colour green
Unpredictable seat won with ease no sweat
Unusual way to serve steak rare
Whale in horror, caught orc
A superior old man penning old African sheep aoudad
As lesser player, you finally wanted to pen “Succeeded!” unseeded
As rubbish remains, attempt to collect it trashy
Be severely critical of record, maybe, away from home hit out
Bishop not so much set aside for holy purpose? bless
Cathedral office’s article penned in study with craft deanship
Delivery of inflatable bags, half going astray ball
Disease in quiet Indian city — measure must be introduced pellagra
Division sealed by adult member of church uniat
Engrossed, lying down, eating fruit from tree absorbed
Farewell message reported in Times repeatedly bye-bye
Firm into trendy chinaware arriving on the scene incoming
Greek character thus gets score? music
Halfwit officer in charge I had as companion associate
In the vicinity of Lourdes he'd hobbled, so appearing to slump? round-shouldered
Looking angry about messenger being banished relegated
Mechanical device used by fantasy author, not the first or the last ratchet
One sticky mess has got left in hut igloo
Potency of prominent Nazi holding a feast headiness
Practice material drill
Rather rude sailor on island meeting posh chap a bit off
Scene designer, a graduate of the arts faculty? diorama
Spontaneously sensual and noisy, I will go wild dionysian
Tests of ethical standards leader ignored orals
Travelling reps, chiefly on an oceanic group of islands french polynesia
Trouble here again in back Street, traffic queues tailbacks
University revolutionary in ban, being a very indulgent type debaucher
Violent quarrel: some revolutionary squatted? Never! vendetta
Well down in a place where water is plentiful deep-sea
Wine’s unpleasant surprise, when head is gone! hock
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