How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Jan 04 2003

A lot of money could be mine BOMB
A thousand soldiers backed local opening in Salonika SIGMA
An Italian city's state capital ANNAPOLIS
Anaesthetic injected into Edward limited movement TETHERED
As readily available as some digits are ONHAND
Attack on king detected by test DISCOVEREDCHECK
Ban specified medicinal treatment, having nothing in place of ecstasy PROSCRIPTION
Bear, say - one called Rupert BROOKE
Bones some exhume, ritually buried therein HUMERI
British business as original source of power and Asiatic money EASTINDIACOMPANY
Cake, sweets, and ice-cream DROPSCONE
Choose the bravest and create a generation gap? (8,3,3,4,3,4) SEPARATETHEMENFROMTHEBOYS
Church rules not named by Conservative, former PM CANONLAW
Composer using piano and bell with each arrangement PACHELBEL
Cowardly editor showed effects of age YELLOWED
Delicate son brought up in Mediterranean country SYRIA
Details of courses cooked for bill, say SYLLABI
Divisive conflict over issue TUGOFLOVE
First classic number included by jazz trio TRIAD
Forcibly put one's foot down and fight machine designed to crush STAMPMILL
Form of wit in English, with a couple of stock examples EPIGRAM
Gambling device requiring permit, in a way ROULETTE
Gathering contents of wreck, plan time to salvage RECLAIM
Get heat from uranium in energy plant VIBURNUM
Gets order wrong and presents silly chatter to poor host here? (4,3,4,6,3,5) PUTSTHECARTBEFORETHEHORSE
Gig publicized by a band ENGAGEMENT
Gold coin converted to ring that moves between South American banks ORINOCO
Greek island next to another island, a former British colony RHODESIA
Grunt it's fine to stay in OINK
Half-hearted stimulus is taking in no Oriental people FILIPINOS
How queen expresses contentment - through noise PURR
I.e. turn to PC - so aim, possibly, for this COMPUTERISATION
Initially, silly asses change direction of chimney SMOKESTACK
It protects female worker from tramp in a forest PINAFORE
Land outside a Pacific port SEATTLE
Large university put in a restricted computer device? It's not clear AMBIGUOUS
Like a bit just removed, according to reliable source (8,4,3,6,5) STRAIGHTFROMTHEHORSESMOUTH
Like a small dog, boxer accompanying old actress PUGGISH
Long garment taking shape, making kicking difficult HABITFORMING
Lose pounds on a horse? Relax! LIGHTENUP
Make worse enclosure COMPOUND
Male entering horse for Derby, for example TOPONYM
Medal on a horse is an amulet OBEAH
Midshipman I included in my effortless gain EASYMONEY
Mock title used by a male author? HISNIBS
Namely, her reduced weight traced back to brisk movement SCHERZO
Ordered poet to board dangerous vessel TORPEDOBOAT
Original copies colleague sees can be described thus EPISCOPAL
Oxford or Cambridge blue, for example? Totally on the same wavelength UNICOLOUR
Part of bridge - holding ace, take the lead PIONEER
Plant a Colt, possibly, inside where shooting often takes place ONLOCATION
Produce a record for part of the media PRESS
Public divided by court's conclusion OVERT
Red Cross is installed in trade centre MARXIST
Repeating in both Italian and English helping ITERATION
Ring tightly held, say VOICE
Sell abroad - in Ostia, for example? EXPORT
Short sleep we had, quickly reported in plant KNAPWEED
Sign up company, game for Merchant of Venice MARCOPOLO
Sinner supporting penalty for one prepared to accept hard labour GLUTTONFORPUNISHMENT
Speed controls in estate MP introduced TEMPI
Stray animal, one of herd party brought in PIDOG
Study a part, and again demonstrate versatility READAPT
Succeeded, with the money we have, in making bread SOURDOUGH
Temporary shelter for assassin in dramatic situation BOOTH
Tersely stated nostalgic illusion that makes one tense PASTPERFECT
They are said to reveal true stance, possibly UTTERANCES
Things happening like this, we hear? On the contrary SILENTLY
To cover up, be excessively dishonest? OVERLIE
To financial backer brought in, a fruitful merger? TANGELO
Tories initially request church to create group with mission TASKFORCE
Trip of small troop, haphazardly hither and thither FROMPILLARTOPOST
Was doubly efficient and expended seven pounds per fowl slaughtered? (6,3,5,4,3,5) KILLEDTWOBIRDSWITHONESTONE
Where poultice was placed, perhaps, very hot ONTHEBOIL
Without heads, so must be responsible for expulsions OUST
Writer not at home on a paper FOREIGNCORRESPONDENT
A devastating rise in money put into provisions and drink FLOODWATER
Betraying no emotion, being unqualified to give criticism DEADPAN
Calls from Tom in city street MEWS
Comet that was in the sky on Christmas Eve REINDEER
Count William TELL
Creature with plate on back ANIMAL
Eagle not developed, going to grow further ELONGATE
Euphoric, watching the highlights? STARRYEYED
Fight over odd pieces of Malaya with passion WARMLY
Greeting reverend mother in Latin AVEMARIA
Here one comes close to the main form of English ESTUARY
I must leave in no hurry, obviously PATENTLY
In which nature and arts combine to nourish one RESTAURANT
Look out for possible purchases WARE
Made a scene, given inferior status first off EMOTED
Opportunity to tick off the assembled company ROLLCALL
Pad alongside sewer - plenty get pushed in pretty sharply PINCUSHION
Particularly reliable diagnostic aid? ULTRASOUND
Pineapple unfinished - I shall take a different fruit GRENADILLA
Publisher's last farewell, going round one magazine and another RADIOTIMES
Put argument against Euro? PROPOUND
Sad fate, drunk at end of holy festival FEASTDAY
Singer allowed to add bar in LINNET
Strong contest one's backed to win TUGOFWAR
Taking the reins, make identical statement about computer science EQUITATION
The game is up POLO
Title role of suitor deceived about onset of love TROILUS
Two carriages that'll take six-footers FLYTRAP
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