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The Times - Cryptic Dec 07 2013

A way to get one ass appearing at inappropriate time OUTOFSEASON
Actress beginning to enunciate lines, coming on to stage without hesitation ELLENTERRY
After scurrying around, find beer guide? BEFRIEND
Artist came across clutching leg MONET
Basin and toilet prime requirements for all bathrooms, nothing more? LAVABO
Beset by blemishes, America keeps going SUSTAINS
Bit of wire, say, that may be found by the sea STRAND
Blooming early on and finishing pretty early RATHE
Bosses given particular day for nobbling one minister DIRECTORATE
Botanical group? Our type will shoot up on strip in garden SUBORDER
Brief plan with bodily parts giving medical interpretations DIAGNOSES
Called to interrupt activity that's mad DERANGED
Captain of industry denying leader of municipality is related AGNATE
Celebrity turning up full of energy charges RATES
Clothes about to be removed? Shock! APPAL
Colour of little lady in fashionable game INDIGO
Conquerors once of wild areas MOORS
Copy material, story about Tom? REPLICATE
Country survivor of flood beset by beastly noises BAHAMAS
Creepy little beasts give a demonstration of temper in part of the theatre? GASTROPODS
Dish to get rid of — second-rate rubbish served by husband SCOTCHBROTH
Dives would exhibit such a quality RICHNESS
Drunk accepts harsh words oft repeated CATCHPHRASES
Expression of surprise in school — mark not good? SCORCH
Fast cars en masse? FLEET
Former PM's campaign engaging English but not British ATTLEE
French author imprisoned by baddie, shut in underground hollow? CAVERNED
Garment such as mini one obtained for nothing SHIRT
Glad of a ding-dong in a ding-dong? SAVEDBYTHEBELL
Good bit of money's made by mournful book — major success after deal GRANDSLAM
I must be regarded as one dope following holy circle HALOGEN
I was a faller at the outset FIRSTPERSON
I will take time, full of hesitation, in bad mood ILLHUMOUR
I'm in the car — more elite, travelling over motorway MILEOMETER
Impressive as monkey evidently is! EYECATCHING
Judge takes a very long time to poke around GIDEON
King losing his head when joining fashionable set for dance CHARLESTON
Like cauliflower and meat? Get stuck in VEGETAL
Man's in drink, here? THESEA
Mum has raised excellent tall shrub with pretty flowers MAGNOLIA
Out-of-date Channel terminus not taken into consideration PASSEDOVER
Piece of music amusing author CAMUS
Pontificate in place outside university SPOUT
Priggish person noted for holiness annoyed Cockney STUFFY
Rat starts to escape, thereafter squashed by donkey BETRAYER
Report of special event for cathedral clergy somewhere near St Paul's? CANNONSTREET
River miles from wood TIBER
School too much — maybe maiden will get transport home? OVERTRAIN
See brother race around — is he heading for the Olympic stadium? TORCHBEARER
Shop cleaner needing to reduce huge volume of water! CHARCUTERIE
Shouters are disciplined, being kept at home HOUSEARREST
Spin to irritate when the latest bit of policy's introduced GYRATE
Spooner's packed meal for sporting event BULLFIGHT
Square is the same whichever way you look at it (2,5,2,2,2,4) ASBROADASITISLONG
Stones topped off to make barriers GATES
The fellow drowning in drink, something watery RHEUM
The fellow's embraced by fat returning hero THESEUS
What's funny about mistakes in play? THECOMEDYOFERRORS
What's in the chest? Port and wine, we hear BREASTBONE
What's provided by news vendors and others around street LATEST
Who, not signed on, managed to act independently DOONESOWNTHING
Your setter's taking a long time to get ideas IMAGES
A head taking time out of school EACH
Artist's assistant full of determination MAGRITTE
Become fit during preliminaries of the Olympics TURNINTO
Declare a business sound AFFIRM
Defender who might make prejudiced comments about game? APOLOGIST
E France, touristy parts: here you can do what you like ITSAFREECOUNTRY
Fellow cut Greek bread CHAPATTI
Flunky wearing skimpy garment? MINION
Frequently struggle to load extremely simple apps? SOFTWARE
Fund not initially in credit, I swear CURSER
Get to sleep — it's almost twelve DOZE
Give speech in praise of Baroness Thatcher? CONTRIBUTE
Halva not filled with fruit HAW
Hot garment needed by beginning of November STOLEN
Housemate's no use, being disorganised for party ATHOME
Jacket rejected by match official, always REEFER
On-board staff based at English railway town CREWE
One as a rule should entertain female in relaxed manner INFORMALLY
Preachers who can make most liars reform? MORALISTS
Pressure put on setter regularly to show some progress STEP
Prince is healthy, though short of energy HAL
Process of developing sealant for putting underneath commercial vehicle ADVANCEMENT
Regularly visit hospital with relative HAUNT
Sailors circling island start to hoist ropes YACHTIES
Spanish beer pub's keeping very cold, mostly BALEARIC
Tense, having previously done no wrong? PASTPERFECT
Top investment banks VEST
Tribal conflict involving local revolutionary CLANNISH
Wife is left to get in this varied collection of wanted items WISHLIST
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