How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Aug 11 2001

Almost call master stupid? He might SMARTALEC
Confess, with pained expression, the joke's over OWNUP
Courting criticism, if it's much shorter than necessary ATTENTIONSPAN
Deal with obstruction in pipe, perhaps, with minimal mess CLEANASAWHISTLE
Dope's upset, having eaten old fruit GOURD
Endlessly agitate and dispirit wartime leader CHURCHILL
Going into process of connection that real problem posed? LATERALTHINKING
Have lunch here after training RESTAURANTCAR
Have some assets left? INHERIT
Having set off, keeping at a distance, one observed lions here SAFARIPARK
List of staff voting to tour Scottish town PAYROLL
Marks for oral in Russian? COMMUNIST
Maybe moulds entertaining chap's vocal style FUNGI
Pardon woman for pinching some tables? AMNESTY
Plough through a translation from Latin GREATBEAR
Put off boarding unusual form of transport RAPTURE
Recent development in manufacture of clutches CHICK
Showed contempt for hesitation in speech, having drink SNIFTER
Siege engine deployed there, but about to be captured TREBUCHET
Signaller appears tart, maybe holding meeting FLAGMAN
Some of these chores seem repetitive ECHO
Stimulate umpire, taking her up over last of calls REFRESH
Time motorists had to skirt one great forest TAIGA
Two brutes living at no 74, originally WOLFRAM
Way to take trick, clearly appearing behind OVERTRUMP
When to make new observation, with first of stars out NIGHT
Winger needed English strip for debut KITE
Wood one may recall, making traditional stand PROMENADER
A bounder with rising reputation outside here in the Sorbonne - member of intellectual elite? ACADEMICIAN
A men's club set out to include a plurality of emergency resources AMBULANCES
A Parisian is lover no longer - university adult learner only relating to males, say? UNISEXUAL
According to rumour, products of the dairy can give you wind BREEZE
Advocated incentive to get hold of model PROPOSED
Argentinian actress married man on the up, setting a standard NORMATIVE
Baby's headgear that could be on Ben's nut SUNBONNET
Battered old carpet torn apart by a feline NEEDLEPOINT
Bloke gets old - residence gets in woman to look after things MANAGERESS
British wanting 'Europe' as it used to be - tumultous muddle! STRIATED
Charm girl and grieve over losing name FRONTON
Collector of revenue reported Scottish leaseholder TACKSMAN
Colourless solid obtainable from corn oil ORCINOL
Communist leaders of Eastern Europe given blame unfairly but not beyond hope? REDEEMABLE
Cut tail off bird SPASMS
Detain 'em wrongly? That's madness DEMENTIA
Dieting so reduces ill MAHARANEE
Discard EU's agricultural scheme SETASIDE
Disease identification - error goes round hospital to start with TYPHOID
Dreadful people at match (not half!) holding players ultimately in contempt DISRESPECT
Drinks outside front of disco in northern town WIDNES
Eg Essex playing at Chelmsford and Kent at Canterbury in the South East HOMECOUNTIES
Enjoy really valuable gifts - but you can keep your brass! (3,4,6,2,4,3,4) THEBESTTHINGSINLIFEAREFREE
Equipment one fixes after end of supplication AMENITIES
Excellent thing to reach after long climb? TOPFLIGHT
Excited at home when given present maybe BECLOUD
Fellow in the City I'd clipped round head, being free from constraints EMANCIPATED
Fines wrongly imposed scare me AMERCES
Garden pest is in heap, hidden APHID
German artist's name, formerly on the fringes ERNST
Girl's baby receives a form of therapy -it should reduce risk of disease DISINFECTANT
Having made a will, leader's neglected what's in it? ESTATE
Hears a nuisance interrupting: 'Hang the lot of 'em!' TAPESTRIES
Illness stops a criminal making fortune AFFLUENCE
In a social event perfume mostly conveys superiority LEOPARDCAT
Information gathered by police force in situations prior to traffic snarl-ups? SLOWDOWNS
Irish involved in high-speed crime PIRACY
Irritates, conniving without good reason NEEDLESSLY
Is dampish at sea and moving towards the driest place on board? PREACHED
Leisured, I applaud mere fun and get excited by Debussy's music (7,1,10,3,5) PRELUDEALAPRESMIDIDUNFAUNE
Like a certain view offered by food packager BIRDSEYE
Lived in USA, I did - somehow just made for the single person INDIVIDUALISED
Maiden desperate to marry abandons a capital city ATLANTA
Marked according to the rules? DIGESTION
Miss getting first record broadcast DISCLOSE
Mixed drinks, cold, served in school COALESCED
Mother with a mostly rigid interior, born to be an important female ASCENDANCE
Muscular problems? Initially send male into health resorts ENAMOUR
Mysterious work - a search when saint has gone missing OPAQUE
No one intellectual would become an army officer! LIEUTENANTCOLONEL
One in clothes getting hot or having cool attire DUDISH
One of many letters in agreement CONSONANT
People who have the same beliefs as I go in cloisters wandering around AMIDSHIPS
Philosophical movement alert mind can't sense surprisingly - not English TRANSCENDENTALISM
Plants in a car wrecked by sun ARNICAS
Poem among the crassest in anthology SESTINA
President stretched out and gave address CAULIFLOWERCHEESE
Priest ended in trouble - for saying the saved were this? PREDESTINED
Range reflected in display ALPS
Rob in sleazy bar facing street DIVEST
Roman rule's section CAESAREAN
Side with dissenter sent off - quality shown by good referee? DISINTERESTEDNESS
Suit has to be undone for massage SHIATSU
Terribly demonic American came to the Lord secretly NICODEMUS
To character beginning freelancing payment is sweet TOFFEE
Unusual insect - it's puzzled entomologist maybe SCIENTIST
Wall against which game is played - two sides needed INTENSE
Want the French feature to appear in embroidery CORELIGIONISTS
Weaver turning beastly after losing contest ARACHNE
What bishop is in control? OVERSEE
What writer may take care of, being a very important person HISNIBS
Wild cherry on far side of a river at the furthest point APOGEAN
With spray causing stain, dinner jacket is ruined - troubled dancer leaves INKJET
Work faster, taking amphetamine at university SPEEDUP
You get horseplay flying with mischievous person, they say? HIGHJINKS
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