How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Cryptic Apr 19 2008

Award given for small part DEGREE
Bring up black fish BROACH
Butter pudding he eagerly gulps GHEE
Climbing aid lifting worker into vehicle TREEBICYCLE
Court award given to an elder worker, perhaps? WOODSMAN
Doctor on journey to see idiot in Australia DRONGO
Drop of water in South America, so one fewer in heaven? ANGELFALLS
Dry bread inferior to delicious starter DROLL
Face showing pretentious attitude SIDE
Former amateur sport died accessing money in economy PRUDENCE
Happy sound of porker went first GRUNTLED
Identified person investigating pudding SPOTTEDDICK
June twenty first two thousand? MIDSUMMER
Live bug thing, subatomic fastmover BETAPARTICLE
Mention me spinning, inducing sickness EMETIC
Old rug with which beast wraps cable up PERIWIG
One inside cut shell, solid, curved CONIC
One securing for one preserving PROCURER
Plant border suffering? AGRIMONY
Queen in muddle when messed about, less than impressed UNDERWHELMED
Record arrangement of green centrepiece EPERGNE
Sauce demonstrated by a youth during riot SALADCREAM
Scrub part of church, abandoning hospital CANCEL
Spent one hundred per cent, in summary ALLINALL
Tiny antelope knocks twin children over DIKDIK
Tiny creature felt aware in metamorphosis WATERFLEA
Topping worker, joiner AND
Water source knocks out base of bridge SPA
Ace getting through to eastern tip of Myanmar, perhaps? AVIATOR
Actor listing Bardot's odd parts BRANDO
Being big liar, must reform ALTRUISM
Books from a father about to produce tears and brief laughter APOCRYPHA
Bouncer addressed by club owner GOLFBALL
Burning vision that helps salespeople? BRANDAWARENESS
Butter up Times and Economist MARX
Ceremonial official making fine stand in sea off Calais? MACEBEARER
Cooking utensil split after trying to put duck in TOASTINGFORK
Cuckoo or pig next for dispatching EXPORTING
Dangerous rays stop aeronaut flying in style ARTNOUVEAU
Defeated boat race team considered fine for the first hour OUTFOUGHT
Despicable fellow, one leaving cast WORM
Early dwelling place - a dropping-off area? LANDOFNOD
Exotic snakes to go by air SKYEBOATSONG
Fire joker in school cricket side SWITCHON
Footballers using separate net SUNDERLAND
Gate used for field ENTRY
Girl returning two hours before midnight NETTA
Having raised appeal, reduced quantity of hospital soap CUTER
I'm career chef, cooking rich food CREMEFRAICHE
Insects in leaves quickly gathered while speaking FLEAS
International body turning in weapons runners in Africa GNUS
It removes moisture and even bits of dirt, in ear DRIER
It's very tough, removing lead from TV screen OXHIDE
Language of children playing without one OLDFRENCH
Larks bringing great delight EXALTATION
Least significant digit in base ten LITTLETOE
Left party, turning away from noble man's Scottish residence BALMORALCASTLE
Look annoyed after pacifist's cowardly stance COPOUT
Military commander's Welsh division MONTGOMERY
Neat log fashioned into sharp cross TANGELO
Network, gaining knowledge in closed circle TOKENRING
Not keen on exploit involving border that's remote OFFTHEMAP
Old order makes a Sir Simon Saint KNIGHTSTEMPLAR
People may be killed on these buffet tables HITLISTS
Pet drowned - head of newt is left SULK
Plant summer seed around middle of August ADDERSTONGUE
Press oils as examples MEDIA
Reveals Caribbean maiden's best in gala OUTSWIM
Rising secularism a mite too much for them? IMAMS
Rugby player, Australian skipper, in royal maiden's changing area LOCKERROOM
Sanctimonious touch in what's the final comment EPITAPH
Self-styled captain's son kicks about vessel BOSSYBOOTS
Set to capture ammunition plant GROUNDSEL
Shortened water course got by fencing off lake TELESCOPED
Some adore I Pagliacci's reflective Italian character PIERO
Sponges foot cut after dance RUMBABAS
Store's not permitted service to be done again OUTLET
Successful player ends run, putting in centre GOALSCORER
Teacher prepares exam equipment in language lab HEADSETS
This collar or shirt local's sporting in church seat CHOIRSTALL
Timid out-half's trembling outside grand sports arena STADIUMOFLIGHT
Turned and turned, without useful purpose REDUNDANT
Uncle's soft beard ruined by tip of razor PAWNBROKER
Unruly chief, one in party of Africans ANARCHIC
US resort offering snacks and French bread for starters NANTUCKET
Was ship owner taking in eastern star? HEADLINER
Weaselly American threatening jazz fan BLACKCAT
Wee darling? SWEETHEART
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