How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Sep 25 2017

"All ___ being equal . . ." ELSE
"Back to the Future" destination PAST
"Blue Moon" lyricist Lorenz HART
"Eureka!" OHO
"LA Ink" art, briefly TAT
"No harm done" IMOK
"Othello" baddie IAGO
Agreed (with) SIDED
Airline ticket datum SEAT
Backyard structure SHED
Beef cattle breed ANGUS
Bills depicting the Treasury Building TENS
Blogger's "As I see it" IMO
Bother, to the Bard ADO
Bread with hummus PITA
Buddy, slangily BRO
Center square symbol, in Scrabble STAR
Circus workers with 27-Down TAMERS
Clobber with snowballs PELT
Closers on steamer trunks HASPS
Coating on a spent briquette ASH
Comes up with ideas THINKS
Concerning, on a memo ASTO
Contacts wearer's solution SALINE
CSA signature RELEE
Custodians' belt attachments KEYRINGS
Diana of "Mahogany" ROSS
Does a fun run, say JOGS
Draws the curtain on ENDS
Earliest stage ONSET
Far from fatty LEAN
Feature of ozone, vis-a-vis oxygen gas ODOR
Garment covered by ski pants, perhaps LONGUNDERWEAR
Goalie's station NET
Gordie known as "Mr. Hockey" HOWE
Grumbles sotto voce MUTTERS
Harsh criticism FLAK
Helicopter mechanism ROTOR
Jessica of "Fantastic Four" movies ALBA
John of "3rd Rock From the Sun" LITHGOW
Key with no sharps or flats AMINOR
Light of "Transparent" JUDITH
Like a drive-through order TOGO
Mixologist's workplace BAR
Monument Valley state UTAH
Novel's essence PLOT
Nuclear agcy. until 1974 AEC
Offers an afterthought ADDS
One of two certainties, to Franklin DEATH
Pad Thai vessels WOKS
Parents of some cubs LIONS
Passed slowly, as time WOREON
Pearl Harbor's island OAHU
Peter Pan didn't do this AGE
Pitchfork wielders in "Frankenstein" MOB
Place to order slices PIZZERIA
Plow pair OXEN
Poacher pursuer GAMEWARDEN
Pointer from A to Z, in Amazon's logo ARROW
Pronoun in letter greetings WHOM
Redding who wrote "Respect" OTIS
Roadster rod AXLE
Sleazy 35-Down DIVE
Slip through a crack SEEP
Spheres in space ORBS
Square ___ (starting point) ONE
Tombstone's state (Abbr.) ARIZ
Tool for Sweeney Todd STRAIGHTRAZOR
Toothbrush option SOFT
Universal Studios Japan city OSAKA
Unworried state EASE
Upped the ante RAISED
Vegetable tray munchie BABYCARROT
Was philanthropic GAVE
Watches an entire TV marathon, say BINGES
Working stiff PEON
___ acids (essential nutrients) AMINO
___ Tai cocktail MAI
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