How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 28 2013

"Author unknown" byline, briefly ANON
"Blimey!" blurter BRIT
"Life is ___ dream" BUTA
"Once ___ a time . . ." UPON
"Shop ___ you drop" TIL
"Tell me the details!" SPILL
"___ at last!" ALONE
"___ your instructions . . ." ASPER
1930s dust bowler OKIE
Affectionate pet name SWEETHEART
Afghan capital KABUL
Aladdin's benefactor GENIE
Already cut, as lumber SAWN
An apartment, to a landlord UNIT
Approach the gate TAXI
Bacterial culture base AGAR
Bottomless pits (var.) ABYSMS
Capital of Vietnam HANOI
Capital once called Christiania OSLO
Caribbean getaway ARUBA
Carpentry or basket-weaving, e.g CRAFT
Center of a revolution AXIS
Clothing for the Masses ALBS
Cocktails made of gin and grapefruit juice SALTYDOGS
Colonnade trees, often ELMS
Comfortable places to stay INNS
Compendium ANA
Concert ticket information ROW
Coral ring ATOLL
Crossbeam on a train track TIE
Cul-de-___ SACS
Delightful PLEASING
Deliver a shocking surprise STUN
Disdain for the unattainable SOURGRAPES
Dressing ingredient OIL
Egypt's ___ Canal SUEZ
Exact replica CLONE
Falcon feature BEAK
Fill-in for a striking worker SCAB
Finishing 13th out of 13, e.g LAST
Gangster chaser GMAN
Gave a grade to RATED
Georg Buchner's "Leonce and ___" LENA
Hair color before a dye job, perhaps GRAY
Hamburger grade LEAN
Hopi doll KACHINA
Hunter's need, for short AMMO
Israel's Sharon ARIEL
Jane Austen novel that inspired "Clueless" EMMA
Less hampered FREER
Margarine, vis-a-vis butter ERSATZ
Match up AGREE
Meteorological probe SONDE
Old Ford LTD
Old sorcerer MAGE
One leaving one country to settle in another EMIGREE
Plans, as a course CHARTS
Prophetic sign OMEN
Quotes CITES
Ranger Smith's cartoon nemesis YOGI
Routing word VIA
Salad follower ENTREE
Siamese language? MEOWS
Silly as a goose INANE
South American nation PERU
Steeple supporter TOWER
Sugar source CANE
Super, slangily UBER
Tendency TREND
Unhappy outcome BITTEREND
Vitality VIGOR
What a "free house" in England sells ALE
Where the workers cut the mustard? DELI
Whimper MEWL
Woodstock's home in "Peanuts" NEST
Young chicken in a pan (var.) FRIER
___ serif SANS
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