How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 27 2014

". . . but ___ counting?" WHOS
"The Canterbury Tales" pilgrim REEVE
'40s jazz style BEBOP
757 heading, sometimes ENE
A space between objects or points GAPS
Adjust the piano TUNE
Ancient Persians MEDES
Antique-shop item CURIO
Appeared at county fairs, e.g BARNSTORMED
Apple or coconut cream ___ PIE
Artful deception GUILE
Balaam's mount ASS
Between 12 and 20 years old TEENAGE
Birthstones, e.g GEMS
By the clock? TIMED
Causes yawns BORES
Century plant, for one AGAVE
Classic TV family NELSONS
Clay brick ADOBE
Cleaning cabinet compounds, perhaps LYES
Common thing to i and j DOT
Commuters' train LOCAL
Computer programmer CODER
Cousin of a bittern EGRET
Damage slightly MAR
Descendant or heir SCION
Does without FORGOES
Dumb mistake BONER
Essential oil from flowers ATTAR
Fallopian tube traversers OVA
Family structure? TREE
Fertilizer from bats GUANO
Fill a turkey STUFF
Fork tooth TINE
Garden store offering SOD
Greek theaters of yore ODEONS
Harsh satire LAMPOON
Hawk's weapon TALON
Hemp or sisal, e.g FIBER
Highland headwear TAM
In the Land of Nod ASLEEP
It can give a bloke a buzz ALE
Like some beverage orders MEDIUMSIZED
Make accustomed INURE
Mean bull, at times GORER
Medicine chest door, often MIRROR
Member of the iris family FREESIA
Money of Romania LEU
Monotonous lifestyle RUT
Most reserved COYEST
Mournful poem ELEGY
Muddy ground MIRE
Not much ABIT
Noted convention site GENEVA
Olympic standout MEDALWINNER
Owner of a stud farm BREEDER
Part of a TV transmission AUDIO
Persian, e.g RUG
Piece of golf apparel SHOE
Pirate drink GROG
Request fervently BEG
Shiny, as a photo GLOSSY
Sides in some wars GANGS
Sleep stage, initially REM
Stump remover TNT
Supersized coffee pot URN
Things to crack CODES
Tolkien creature ORC
Unexpected blessing BOON
Used undue force STRONGARMED
Wee little guy LAD
What candles sometimes reveal AGE
When repeated, an island near Tahiti BORA
Wood-shaping implement ADZ
Word from Jack's giant FIE
Writer of 12-Down POET
___ at ease ILL
___ Rapids, Iowa CEDAR
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