How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 18 2007

''. . . in the evenin', ain't ___ fun'' WEGOT
''Don't go!'' STAY
''ER'' extras RNS
''For He's a Jolly Good Fellow'' word DENY
''I ___ you one'' OWE
''I'll give you ___ for effort'' ANA
''Idylls of the King'' character ENID
''Not to mention . . .'' ALSO
''The Alienist'' author CARR
''The plane! The plane!'' guy TATTOO
1984 World Series MVP Trammell ALAN
An end to sex? ISM
Answer the plaintiff REJOIN
Any Time? ISSUE
Astronomical Major or Minor URSA
Attorney F. ___ Bailey LEE
Australian runner EMU
Ben Jonson wrote one to himself ODE
Bluesman Waters MUDDY
Boarding house occupant ROOMER
Bring home the bacon EARN
Bus-driving Kramden RALPH
Cartoonist Young CHIC
Charitable gps. ORGS
Chesterfield or ulster COAT
China event of 2008 OLYMPICS
Christmas decoration WREATH
Clique members INS
Coastal raptor ERNE
Completely bananas LOCO
Correct, as text EMEND
Dealing with the supernatural OCCULT
Demagnetize, as a tape ERASE
Elephant's foot, sometimes UMBRELLASTAND
Evening bird, perhaps GROSBEAK
Financial predicament HOLE
Got the puck past the goalie SCORED
Happy flower? GLADIOLA
Harvest goddess OPS
Hilo garland LEI
Ignominy ODIUM
Kind of song SWAN
Lamb pieces ESSAYS
Light planes traveling only short distances PUDDLEJUMPERS
Like much junk mail UNREAD
Milan's La ___ SCALA
Net alternative COM
On Quint's Orca, perhaps ASEA
Patch up MEND
Pin cushion? MAT
Put one's foot down? TROD
Roast host EMCEE
Robin Cook's classic novel COMA
Rock's Motley ___ CRUE
Saturn vehicles? UFOS
Saw things TEETH
Schooner fillers ALES
Seaport near Nazareth HAIFA
Self starter? HIM
Self-satisfied SMUG
Senegal surrounds it GAMBIA
Sentence starter, often THE
Shoeless Joe Jackson's Black Betsy, e.g. BAT
Shut-eye in Santiago SIESTA
Snooker shot MASSE
Source of mother-of-pearl ORMER
Standoffish ICY
Still frozen UNMELTED
Telephone button STAR
Time traveler's destination, sometimes PAST
Time when you're really over the hill OLDAGE
Tiny bit TRACE
Top 10 U2 hit of 1992 ONE
Unrealistically idealistic state CLOUDCUCKOOLAND
Using an alias, briefly INCOG
West of ''My Little Chickadee'' MAE
Xylophone striker MALLET
Young'uns TADS
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