How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 15 2010

"And what have we here?" HELLO
"Bag" or "board" beginner TOTE
"Coal Miner's Daughter" singer LYNN
"Dark Angel" actress ALBA
"Don't be so obsessive!" LETITGO
"Forbidden" fragrance brand name TABU
"H" look-alikes ETAS
"I didn't mean to delete that" command UNDO
"Network" star Dunaway FAYE
"Say ___" (dentist's request) AAH
"The Andy Griffith Show" role OTIS
"The Lord of the Rings" beast ORC
"___ in victory" VAS
33-Across, for an editor STET
A big silly NINNY
Absorbs (with "up") SOPS
Agitated condition SNIT
Amusing FUNNY
Annoying people or things PESTS
Apron parts BIBS
Barrel bottom bit DREG
Basic unit of electric capacitance FARAD
Bathroom fixtures TUBS
Boarding-pass word ROW
Bulgarian, for one SLAV
Color for a little boy BLUE
Concrete chunks SLABS
Consumed heartily ATEUP
Culinary connoisseur GOURMET
Dilapidated RATTY
Dorothy or Lillian of filmdom GISH
End of a bad cook's quip ISTOEATOUT
Essential point GIST
Exaggerated story YARN
Exodus brother AARON
Eyelid irritation STYE
Famous Van Gogh still life IRISES
Grass shacks HUTS
Gumshoes SLEUTHS
Hale and hearty FIT
Home of the Jazz UTAH
It may be worn in the woods PATH
It's a bit like a whit IOTA
Lamb Chop's right hand? SHARI
Land of the free USA
Like a busy mechanic's rags OILY
Medicinal plant ALOE
Misbehave ACTUP
Neighbor of Montenegro KOSOVO
Norwegian Military Academy city OSLO
Not evenly divisible by two ODD
Pacific barker SEALION
Pad ___ (spicy dish) THAI
Paper or plastic, e.g. (Abbr.) PREF
Part three of a bad cook's quip INTHEKITCHEN
Part two of a bad cook's quip TOAVOIDODORS
Phonograph needle STYLUS
Potent pub rounds ALES
Prepared plums for a pie PITTED
Quickly look over SCAN
Rani's wrap SARI
Reason for a lighter sentence? ARSON
Reference with a world of information? ATLAS
Reggae great Peter TOSH
Some skimpy swimwear SPEEDOS
Sound reflection ECHO
Start of a bad cook's quip THEBESTWAY
This and this THESE
Type of forensic evidence DNA
Type of store or letter CHAIN
Uncomfortable position HOTSEAT
Where Anna met a king SIAM
Where some are young ATHEART
Woman, in Westerns GAL
Woodstock do AFRO
Words with "well" TODO
Youngest Lincoln TAD
___ of Capri ISLE
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