How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Oct 05 2014

"Zip-___-Doo-Dah" ADEE
1777 battle site near Philadelphia PAOLI
Actor-singer Lovett LYLE
Advance GAIN
Apply a branding iron SEAR
Art class contraption EASEL
Be more than angry RAGE
Beginning for "while" ERST
Branches of study AREAS
Car for test-driving DEMO
Christmas season grumps SCROOGES
Collector's collection ART
Come back, as a bad situation REARITSUGLYHEAD
Contented cats' sounds PURRS
Cul-de-___ (dead-end roads) SACS
Daisylike plant ASTER
Do-well starter NEER
Does a court job TRIES
Dramatic part ROLE
Elevated dwelling AERIE
Famous cookie name AMOS
Farm outbuilding BARN
Feel the absence of MISS
Field yield CROP
Fragment PIECE
Great Depression migrant OKIE
Greek letter PHI
Half a German resort BADEN
Hamilton's place TEN
Hawke or Frome ETHAN
Immeasurable void ABYSM
In poor health ILL
In proximity NEAR
Indulgence SPREE
Interlockable toy LEGO
Is discontinued ENDS
Kind of jack or chase STEEPLE
Ladies of the house MAS
Lamented audibly SIGHED
Like new wine UNAGED
Like possums and squirrels ARBOREAL
Matchstick-removing game NIM
Metric measure GRAM
Nadir's opposite ACME
Not moving STILL
O'er and o'er again OFT
Old Tokyo EDO
Opposite of exalt ABASE
Part of a bird's beak CERE
Pip's love in "Great Expectations" ESTELLA
Postage stamp sheets PANES
Professional vocabulary ARGOT
Rampur royalty RANI
Rocky rubble SCREE
Rounded part of a hammer PEEN
Rush order? ASAP
Say assuredly AVER
Sidestep, as an issue EVADE
Skunk specialty ODOR
Slalom track shape ESS
Source of wine berries ELDER
South American beast of burden LLAMA
Spooky quality EERINESS
Start of a Shakespearean title ALLS
Thai cash BAHT
That woman's HERS
The wife of Geraint in Arthurian lore ENID
Three-toed bird of South America RHEA
Tien ___ Mountains SHAN
Tough responsibility ONUS
Type of tree ELM
Unscrupulous lawyers SHYSTERS
Use a sled COAST
Visibly in disbelief SHAKINGONESHEAD
___ Star State (Texas) LONE
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