How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Nov 19 2011

''My Life as ___'' (1985 film) ADOG
''The Compleat Angler'' author, Walton IZAAK
''The Sweetest Taboo'' singer SADE
''The Three Billy Goats Gruff'' meanie TROLL
''Wherefore ___ thou ...'' ART
19th-century Shakespearean actor Edmund KEAN
Aggressive poker players RAISERS
Album entry, perhaps STAMP
Antelope with twisted horns ELAND
Archaic pronoun THEE
Baron's bride LADY
Basic cooking instruction HEAT
Bathwater additive OIL
Be a beggar CADGE
Bear, to Spaniards OSO
Boutique buy, perhaps DRESS
Brigham, Cy and Burt YOUNGS
Christmas quip, Part 1 DOESKRISKRINGLE
Clownfish of film NEMO
Cocksure SMUG
Coffee grinder MILL
Cook in the microwave ZAP
Creaks and squeaks NOISES
Crucifixes ROODS
Cure hide TAN
Deadly sin SLOTH
Descriptor for chapped hands DISHPAN
Desist's partner CEASE
Far from pushy MEEK
Find distasteful to the max HATE
Finger, so to speak NAME
Flip a switch up TURNON
French story? ETAGE
Fully avenged EVEN
Gauguin's isle TAHITI
Get ready for the wedding PLAN
Gondolier's propeller POLE
Indisputable TRUE
Its tip may be felt PEN
Kitchen collection POTS
Large amount RAFT
Letter after iota KAPPA
Level-headed SANE
List-curtailing abbr ETAL
Long, long time AEON
Lotus-___ (''Odyssey'' figure) EATER
Lowly workers PEONS
Meet expectations SATISFY
Ms. DeGeneres ELLEN
Narrow-waisted stinger WASP
Olympic weaponry EPEES
One of six in this clue WORD
Request to a teller, perhaps ONES
Sao ___, Brazil PAULO
Small matter? ATOM
Small soldier ANT
Sound source AUDIO
Star-shaped ASTRAL
Surf sound ROAR
Synthetic rubber ingredient STYRENE
Tea type ICED
The A of E.A.P ALLAN
They precede HI EFG
Thrown for a loop AWED
Thunderclouds, for sure OMEN
Tiller front ROTO
Toiletries case ETUI
Use experimentally TRYOUT
Vesuvius product LAVA
Well-bred chap GENT
Within walking distance NEAR
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