How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 21 2019

'Citizen Kane' studio rko
'Green' vehicles ecocars
'It matters to me' icare
'My goodness!' ohdear
1983 video-game crash victim atari
33-Down need ball
ACA part act
Acronym meaning 'best ever' goat
Amtrak's express train acela
At a later date thereafter
Boxer played by Jordan creed
Bulldogs rooter eli
Calorie-laden cake torte
Catch wind of hear
Citadel student cadet
Contemptible sort heel
Coward who wrote 'Blithe Spirit' noel
Cylindrical structure silo
Darkened, perhaps dyed
Debtor's letters iou
End of a bully's threat else
Fail to hang onto drop
Fan's disappointment loss
Farmer's place in song dell
Feelings of hunger pangs
Forfeited wheels, briefly repo
Fraternity initiation, e.g rite
Gaming table 'bones' dice
Gender-neutral pronoun one
Go underground hide
Harper with a Pulitzer lee
Has a late meal sups
Heroic feat daringdeed
Hit a sour note, say err
Icy road application salt
Incubator hatchlings chicks
Indiana State's home terrehaute
Invoice stamp paid
Kentucky Colonel, e.g honorarytitle
Knight's neighbor rook
Let loose, in a way unleash
Mind-matter connector over
Mythical meanie ogre
Nest egg initials ira
Nike competitor avia
Nomadic tribe horde
Norwegian home of the Munch Museum oslo
Nostalgic times olddays
Org. concerned with the AQI epa
Place for a tan beach
Place for cargo bay
Plane-for-hire company aircharter
Pouty look moue
Prefix with bytes or bucks mega
Quotes as a reference cites
Rogue computer of moviedom hal
Royal bride of 1981, familiarly ladydi
Royal sport polo
Sandwiches in pitas gyros
Scammers' marks saps
Seek divine guidance pray
Shooting sport skeet
Sunflower morsel seed
Sure-footed pack animal burro
Swaying direction fro
Tending to an icy road sanding
Timber fungus dryrot
Tread lightly tiptoe
Twitter's bird, e.g logo
U.S. Open prop tee
Use a pogo stick hop
Weather report feature map
Windows key neighbor alt
With no guarantee of payment onspec
Word following teen or matinee idol
Writer's distortion of grammar, say poeticlicense
Zap during a riot tase
___ Paul's fish sticks mrs
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