How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 18 2007

''Don't you dare tell ___!'' ASOUL
''Flags of Our Fathers'' setting IWOJIMA
''If ___, who?'' (Ronald Reagan) NOTUS
''Life ___ Know It'' ASWE
''Midnight Cowboy'' role RATSO
''The X-Files'' org. FBI
''This ___ see!'' IGOTTA
''___ Good Men'' AFEW
45 spinners DJS
Abbott and Costello film RIORITA
Alphabet run RSTU
Amount in a Christie title NONE
Aspiration AIM
Ballroom dance TWOSTEP
Be loud, as a radio BLARE
Beastly transport CAMEL
Brand of peanut butter cup REESES
Breakaway groups SECTS
Cabinet dept. EDUC
Cantankerous ORNERY
Cartel since 1960, briefly OPEC
Courageous GUTSY
Dagwood's dog DAISY
Dinghy propeller OAR
Fatty cell parts LIPIDS
First woman to fly across the Atlantic EARHART
Flotillas FLEETS
Frivolous affairs FLINGS
Gentle firelight GLOW
Gives it a whirl TRIES
Hit with a ticket CITE
Hotel gofer BELLHOP
Hurler's stat ERA
Immediately INAFLASH
Ingredient in an old fashioned RYE
Kind of consciousness ALTERED
Land starter? IRE
Modus operandi WAY
New faces on bases RECRUITS
Nicole's co-star in ''Moulin Rouge'' EWAN
Oahu surfing mecca WAIKIKI
Oktoberfest order, perhaps ALE
One of the Chaplins SYD
Open river valley DALE
Palmer of baseball JIM
Parents of absent children (with ''empty'') NESTERS
Post-accident response, perhaps IMOK
Precisely what's needed JUSTTHETICKET
Puts in stitches SEWS
Queeg's ledger LOG
Radiation units REMS
Remove oneself from an obligation BOWOUT
Restraints, as on spending LIDS
Saw logs SNORE
Silver-leaved tree ABELE
Sixth sense ESP
Some signs are posted in it ESPANOL
Sportscast tidbit STAT
Story book Penny HENNY
Taking forty winks NAPPING
The fashionable elite SMARTSET
They never meet PARALLELLINES
Three-card games MONTES
Tidy Cats maker NESTLE
Transcript standouts EFS
TV crime family name SOPRANO
Type of biography TELLALL
Very quiet, to Verdi PPP
Vintage vehicle REO
Weatherman Al ROKER
What a snob might put on AIRS
What the typical ham is BADACTOR
Word with patrol or leave SHORE
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