How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today May 10 2018

'Dancing With the Stars' judge Goodman len
'Justice League' director Zack snyder
'Minded' letters psandqs
'Well, well!' mymy
(Leave it alone) stet
17-Across, e.g pants
38-Across office shape oval
Acronym for Mr. Trump potus
Afrikaans speaker boer
Apple's Touch, e.g ipod
Bathroom cake choice dialsoap
Biblical writings of David psalms
Block the flow of damup
Boggle or Yahtzee dicegame
Boxer's 'glass' body part jaw
Breads served with 25-Across pitas
Building annexes addons
Car with a four-ring logo audi
Celebrity status stardom
Chilling downpours sleets
Closely related akin
Commando's arm uzi
Commits a sin errs
Countdown start ten
Did a 5K, say ran
Door-busting device ram
Enter with care easein
Garnishes with Corona beer limes
Get-up-and-go pep
Give a ribbing to taunt
Give a ribbing to jeer
Gnat or rat pest
Goes away, in a way ends
Greek aperitif ouzo
Green org epa
Have on wear
Herbal beverage tea
Hotel domestic maid
In a huge way vastly
In the thick of amid
Is on one's guard looksout
Italian auto, informally alfa
Joan, the 'Godmother of Punk' jett
Knock senseless daze
Lie adjacent to abut
Make uniform, in a way stir
Mosque tower minaret
Much Maine forestry pines
Mudslingers' attacks smears
Narc's quarry dopepeddler
One of the Olympic rings asia
One working his own land dirtfarmer
Per ___ (by the day) diem
Place to get a Rusty Nail bar
Podcaster Carolla adam
Prefix meaning 58-Across deca
Prepare, as 20-Across brew
Pumpkin or mince pie
Render dumbstruck awe
Rice served with kebabs pilaf
Second man on the moon buzzaldrin
Security breaches leaks
Sketch out plan
Slammer denizens convicts
Sofa problem sag
Sushi bar beverage sake
Terminal postings, informally skeds
The MGM lion leo
Throw in the towel quit
Tight-fitting garments skinnyjeans
TV revenue source adsales
U2's lead singer bono
Warty amphibian toad
Where cringe humor may go toofar
Wood-shaping tool adz
Wrigley Field greenery ivy
___ Perignon champagne dom
___-eyed (naive) doe
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